Easymail SMTP relay

The new POST’s turnkey message relay service for sending e-mails.

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What is Easymail?

SMTP relay services enable businesses to use separate domains and messaging servers for mass mailing. This means, for example, that businesses can send marketing e-mails to thousands of recipients without the company’s domain appearing on a spam blacklist.

With Easymail, e-mail transmission and delivery is secure and guaranteed. Easymail acts as an intermediary between your mail server and the final recipient. It allows you to manage, secure and optimise the sending of e-mails from your domain.

The benefits of Easymail


Easymail acts as an additional layer of security by filtering malicious or unwanted outgoing e-mails


Easymail offers high service availability and 24/7 on-call support from POST


Easymail manages the reputation of your domain name, which enhances the deliverability of your messages

Support local solutions

Easymail is the only secure e-mail relay system offered by a telecom operator in Luxembourg

Who is Easymail aimed at?

The solution is particularly useful for companies that regularly send newsletters, order confirmations, invoices, alarms, scan2mail, etc.

It is also ideal for businesses concerned about the security of their electronic communications.

Easymail is available free of charge to POST Telecom business customers.

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