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Your challenges

Nowadays, all companies are required to manage an increasingly large volume of data at a faster pace, taking different types of data from multiple sources while ensuring it is relevant to maximise value.

Are you aware of the opportunities that arise from data analysis but having a recurrent problem with data collection, quality, and even cross-matching to produce relevant information?
Do you want to analyse your data to predict your customers’ behaviour or stock levels?

Implementing a big data approach in your company

 With its resources and expertise, POST can help you in each important step towards becoming a data-driven business.

  1. Data Discovery

    Appreciating the data at your disposal and its value

  2. Data Mining

    Extracting information and highlighting recurrent patterns

  3. Data Science

    Perfecting predictive models using artificial intelligence and machine learning

Our solutions

Making the most of your data with our Big Data platform, applying three solutions adapted to each level of maturity.

Data as a Service

You outsource your analytics to POST, sending a list of specifications

Software as a Service

Automated Machine Learning – you have access to no-code/low-code AI resources to apply your algorithms yourself

Platform as a Service

You independently develop your own algorithms based on your data, and call on POST’s expertise where necessary

Features available with our Data Lake

  • Import structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources
  • Enrich your data with external or open-source sets of data
  • Store sets of bulky and mixed data in raw format for a more in-depth analysis
  • Build a data dictionary facilitating the use and sharing of stored data
  • Establish technical and business rules to ensure the quality of your data
  • Authorise a secure connection and traceability of connections
  • Transform data collected for analysis and decision-making by applying data science
  • Develop artificial intelligence (AI) models through user-friendly interfaces to increase prediction and prescription
  • Present data and results on dashboards for senior management


Local solution

Solution developed and managed in Luxembourg. Data is hosted at our Data Centres in Luxembourg.

"Security by design"

POST Cyberforce, the group’s cybersecurity department, acts as a trusted independent third party for the platform’s users.

GDPR compliance

Anonymisation is possible. Platform developed in close collaboration with POST Luxembourg’s Data Protection Officer.

A word from our customers

Schroeder & Associés

Découvrez comment le bureau d'études Schroeder & Associés utilise notre solution de Data Intelligence. 


Découvrez comment l'entreprise Unibra utilise notre solution de Data Intelligence. 

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