Assess your company's security maturity and get your "Cyber Responsible" label.

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What is the Cyberscore?

The fruit of a partnership between POST and Luxcontrol

This partnership draws on Luxcontrol's proven experience in security risk management, analysis and auditing in the context of Luxembourg an European standards, as well as POST's expertise in cybersecurity and ICT solutions.

An assessment and labelling tool

This label aims to assist Luxembourg SMEs in assessing and improving their posture in the face of cybersecurity risks, and thus meet the eightened legal requirements in terms of information security.

Advice from cybersecurity experts

You will receive a Cyberscore along with a report indicating specific strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for improving your company's cybersecurity posture.

How is the Cyberscore calculated?

International standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2022 and the controls of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) provide guidelines for the development of this assessment and labelling process, which includes 18 areas and more than 90 control points. Luxcontrol will carry out the on-site assessment, awarding companies a Cyberscore ranging from A to E, accompanied by a detailed report indicating its strengths and weaknesses.

  • A company achieving an A or B rating will be awarded the Cyber-Responsible label, demonstrating its cybersecurity maturity.
  • If a company fails to achieve a sufficiently high Cyberscore, the detailled report - which includes a host of recommendations - enables it to draw up a cybersecurity action plan, with the option of being supported by the experts at POST Cyberforce with a view to later obtaining the label.

Do you want to know your cyberscore?

Make an appointment with Luxcontrol and get rated from A to E.

4 steps to improve your company's cyber protection

  1. Make an appointment with Luxcontrol

  2. Complete the on-site assessment form with the help of Luxcontrol (duration around half-day)

  3. Get your cyberscore and detailed report

  4. Draw on the expertise of the POST Cyberforce team if you want to improve your cyberscore

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Cyberscore : the Security Rating

For more information on the cyberscore, discover the interview with Olivier Antoine, head of the Information Security Management team at POST Luxembourg.

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