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M2M's future is eSIM

Use cases based on the ability of connected objects to communicate with each other are multiplying rapidly. By 2030, an estimated 50 billion objects will be connected and exchanging data across a wide range of ecosystems. To support this transformation, technology must also evolve. Innovations on the eSIM are opening up new opportunities to facilitate the integration of components and enable players implementing M2M/IoT solutions to become more agile. The possibilities offered by these developments were recently discussed in our webinar entitled “M2M’s Future is eSIM”.

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Published on

27 February 2024

Preparing your IoT project and choosing the right supplier

Beyond the conception stage, the implementation of a project or the creation of a business based on connected technology entails the consideration of various aspects. So what should I be aware of?

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Published on

13 June 2023

Improving safety and efficiency in truck transport with IoT technologies

The use of connected sensors and devices in trucks to capture data about different aspects of transport, such as geographic location or temperature, has resulted in the real-time access to tracking information appreciated and now considered standard by businesses as well as major improvements in freight monitoring and safety.

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Published on

12 March 2023

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