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What is Space Management?

Meeting rooms, offices, relocated sites, visitor reception... Control all your infrastructure in real time and adapt the available space to your needs.

Flex Office

  • Optimisation of space thanks to real-time occupancy data
  • Improved visitor flow and management
  • Reduce under-utilised space and associated property costs
  • Measure usage using sensors adapted to each type of space
  • Book offices and meeting rooms via the application
  • Tablets at the entrance to your meeting rooms with on-the-fly reservations

Smart Parking

  • Maximise the capacity of your car parks

  • Faster, clearer access to available parking spaces

  • Accelerate the turnover rate

  • Real-time monitoring of parking time and analysis of car park use

  • Possibility of reserving spaces via a mobile application

  • Define authorised zones by user profile

People Flow

This solution is used in a wide range of sectors: car dealerships, shops, conference rooms, parks, etc. 

Thanks to this solution, you can find out exactly how many people are coming to a site, see which areas are the most popular or identify waiting areas using a heat map. 

The solution includes :

  • Under-ceiling stereoscopic cameras
  • A cellular network
  • A data aggregation and sensor management platform

2 minutes to understand Space Management

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