Telecom Security Scanner

The best defence is attack, using the attackers mindset allows us to discover new vulnerabilities, best in a real scenario the mobile core network of mobile operators accross the world. This helps MNO to understand their weaknesses and fix them before threat actors exploit them.

Perfect for:
Telecom operators

Attacking all technologies from 2G to 5G

Telecom Security built by a telecom operator for telecom operators


2G/3G signalling abusing MNOs on interception, location tracking, fraud or bypass


4G signalling abusing MNOs on interception, location tracking or bypass


2G to 4G abusing MNOs on Denial of Service, data gathering, exploitation of infrastructure and DNS


5GC bringing more security but still vulnerable to many threats

How TSS is setup to attack your network?

All our attacks are launched from Luxembourg from nodes connected to POST Luxembourg production signalling network reaching more than 400+ operators worldwide.

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