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With ConnectedOffice, the Techprint teams can be contacted anytime, anywhere

The printing house, located in the south of Luxembourg, has upgraded its telephony system to enjoy benefits such as fixed-mobile convergence and the extensive coverage offered by LuxZone.

Interview with Nicolas Gabriel, Production Manager at techprint

It is now over 30 years since techprint, based in Ehlerange, set its presses in motion. The company has 45 members of staff operating in production, service provision and administrative support, and customers in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. “As a family business, our growth has come from offering high-quality services to a very large customer base,” explains Nicolas Gabriel, Head of Production at techprint. “That’s why it is important for us to offer solutions that facilitate communication with each of our customers and guarantee that the files we receive for printing are exchanged securely.”

Secure exchanges over a dedicated internet line

With these specific needs in mind, techprint turned to POST in order to benefit from Direct Internet Access (DIA) via a dedicated high-speed connection. “The high-resolution files we receive for printing are often very large,” continues Nicolas. “The dedicated connectivity solution POST offered us guarantees identical and very stable upload and download speeds. We can therefore rest assured that the files we exchange with our customers are being transferred securely and will arrive in one piece.” By preventing transfer issues, the solution safeguards production quality and helps business to run smoothly for the company and its customers alike. Another key requirement is that all company employees be easy to contact, to allow for monitoring of projects and the production process. To that end, techprint also called on POST when it came to modernising its telephony management system and issuing staff with equipment. “We were previously using a physical telephone exchange and DECT antennas to create a network covering the entire production site,” explains Nicolas. “However, the system required a lot of maintenance work and proved very costly.”

Cloud-based exchange management

When techprint was forced to upgrade its system because the support it needed was no longer available, the company opted for POST’s ConnectedOffice solution, combined with LuxZone. “One benefit of ConnectedOffice, with its cloud-based exchange management, is fixed-mobile convergence. Each employee has their own extension and can be contacted wherever they are, on either a landline or their mobile,” notes Nicolas. “Setting up call forwarding, and activating or deactivating a line, is easy because the cloud-based exchange is extremely flexible.” The company’s professional inboxes can even be managed from the cloud via a POST HostPack.

The same landline number for staff working remotely

As regards adapting to the pandemic, the ConnectedOffice solution facilitated telework for those able to work remotely. “Staff can be contacted on their landline number whether they’re at home, on site or on the go. In the past, as soon as we left the area covered by our antennas, we couldn’t be reached,” adds Nicolas. The network of antennas was abandoned and the LuxZone solution was adopted instead. “The company’s communications now take place over the mobile network, allowing everyone to take and make calls wherever they are – including cross-border workers in other countries.”

Near-indestructible mobiles

Compatibility with all models of mobile phone is a key advantage of the new setup. On-site staff responsible for maintenance or customer relationships have all been issued with CATERPILLAR brand mobile phones, which have a reputation for being almost indestructible. “With our previous solution, we didn’t have the freedom to choose any mobile. Replacing devices was becoming problematic. These new mobiles, which are mainly used to make calls or send messages, have been shown to stand the test of time,” explains Nicolas. “Sales representatives, managers and directors, who need email access, have slightly more sophisticated devices.”

An attentive partner

The advantages of this solution are rooted in broader coverage and greater flexibility. Plus, maintaining equipment such as the telephone exchange and antennas is no longer a concern for techprint, and it need not worry about equipment that is compatible with the system wearing out or becoming obsolete. “The money we’re saving with the POST solution will allow us to strengthen our dedicated internet connectivity,” comments Nicolas. “Moreover, we’re extremely happy with the relationship we’ve built up over a number of years with the POST teams, who are always happy to listen and able to respond quickly with solutions that meet our needs.”


As techprint is a family business whose growth has come from offering high-quality services to a very large customer base, it is essential to offer solutions that facilitate communication with each of our customers and guarantee that the files we receive for printing are exchanged securely. Moreover, to allow for monitoring of projects and the production process, it is vital that all company employees be easy to contact. This means that we must modernise the telephony management system and the equipment issued to the various staff members, while also reducing the high maintenance costs associated with the telephony system.

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