Data to Go

The Mobile Internet offer to take with you everywhere.

Data to Go, the Mobile Internet offer designed for you:

Internet Mobile

Mobile Internet volumes to suit all needs, from 2GB to 100GB, without a contract1, 2, 3


It can be used all over Europe


It is completely mobile thanks to a SIM card inserted in a tablet or a WiFi hotspot so that your devices can be connected to WiFi


The options 4

Extra Volume 5,6

Get an additional 20GB (€20) at maximum speed, in Luxembourg and in Europe.

Text EXTRAEU20 to 64000


Blocked subscription 7

Stay within your budget!

No more surprises. Block your plan or your children’s plan for only €2/month.

How does it work?

Once your plan has been used up, all your data communications are automatically blocked. It’s simple and effective!


Around the World8

The world awaits you!

Mobile Internet options to travel with peace of mind. USA, Canada, Zone 2 (Australia, South Africa, Cambodia, New Zealand, Algeria, etc.). Don’t restrict yourself any more. From options S to L, pick the one that suits you best.

Activate your options with the activation code via MyPost or by sending an SMS to 64000.

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