For secure online transactions

With the Smartcard, Signing Stick, Signing Server Products (Mobile, Token, Scan), LuxTrust has developed innovative solutions to meet the security needs of all online users.

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Enjoy maximum security for free

For optimum security, we recommend using a LuxTrust Certificate for eboo.

The Token is the size of a key ring and generates a different code every 30 seconds. Together with a user name (user ID) and password, you can use this to authenticate yourself on eboo.

The LuxTrust Mobile app is now the equivalent of your LuxTrust Token! Easy to use, it enables you to securely log in online or to your banking apps, validate your banking transactions and add electronic signatures, wherever you are! Download the LuxTrust Mobile app for free!

Use one single Certificate for multiple applications

Thanks to the LuxTrust Certificate, you will no longer need different authentication methods. Using the same LuxTrust Certificate, you can:

  • securely log in to eboo and carry out your transactions online
  • log in to all of LuxTrust's partner banks
  • fill out your tax returns online
  • carry out administrative formalities on the unique government platform "De Guichet"

1. Offer subject to conditions, Token valid for 3 years

Obtain a LuxTrust Certificate

How do I obtain a LuxTrust Certificate

If you are not yet a eboo customer, you will obtain a LuxTrust certificate by requesting an eBanking access. Two options to request your eBanking access:

  • Go to the POST office of your choice
  • Or request an eBanking access via this form : sign it and return it to

If you have any questions, check LuxTrust FAQs or feel free to contact us by email at

How to activate LuxTrust mobile ?

Your current physical LuxTrust Token can now be used on your smartphone thanks to the LuxTrust Mobile app. It's simple, free, secure and more convenient.

  • Make sure you have your LuxTrust login details:
    • USER ID (comprising 4 letters and 4 numbers)
    • PIN
  • Download the LuxTrust Mobile app from your Google Play or App Store
  • Link your LuxTrust certificate to the LuxTrust Mobile app by following the instructions on screen


How to use LuxTrust Mobile with eboo ?

Once LuxTrust Mobile has been set up, simply log in to eboo and select the LuxTrust Mobile login device.

  • Enter your LuxTrust login details then:
    • Via mobile: click on the image and confirm you are logging in to your eboo eBanking mobile app
    • Via PC: open the LuxTrust Mobile app and scan the QR Code that appears on your screen. Then enter the 6-digit OTP that is displayed on your smartphone.

Warning: once your LuxTrust Mobile app has been activated, keep your current physical Token. You will still need it to perform certain operations on eboo or to reinstall the LuxTrust Mobile app if your phone is lost/stolen.

Important: LuxTrust Mobile can be activated on a maximum of two devices. For security reasons required by the CSSF, LuxTrust Mobile is compatible with an Apple 10.0 and Android device version 6.0 minium!

Use a LuxTrust Certificate from another bank

How do I authenticate myself on eboo using a LuxTrust Certificate from another bank or institution

If you have a LuxTrust Certificate from another bank or institution, you can use it to authenticate yourself on eboo.

To do this, go to eboo and select the LuxTrust login. The system will recognise that this is your first login to eboo with a LuxTrust Certificate and will guide you through a number of screens to validate your authentication on eboo with the LuxTrust Certificate.

The next time you log in, you will only need to enter your LuxTrust codes.

If you have any questions, check LuxTrust FAQs or feel free to call us on freephone 8002 8004.