PackUp Import

Your online supplier doesn’t deliver to Luxembourg?

POST will deliver your parcels, from France or Germany, to your 24/24 PackUp station or PackUp Point.



With PackUp Import you have an overseas address (France or Germany) when a direct delivery to Luxembourg is not possible. You only pay for the forwarding to Luxembourg. Choose the location to which your parcel should be delivered, from among more than 100 collection points.

How does PackUp Import work?

Use an address abroad when ordering over the internet and delivery to Luxembourg is not possible.

Thanks to PackUp Import, you only pay the costs for the delivery of your package from abroad to the PackUp Point of your choice.

  • Choose the PackUp Point you wish to have your packages delivered to.
  • Validate your payment method
  • When you order online and your purchases can't be sent directly to an address in Luxembourg, enter the PackUp Import address.
  • Your package will be sent to our partner company and we will then deliver it to your specified PackUp Point.
  • You will be notified of its arrival via e-mail / SMS.

Cost: 6,45 per package incl. taxes


  • Practical – you no longer need to ask your colleagues and friends outside the borders to pick your parcels up for you
  • Cheap – the delivery only costs 6,45 € per parcel
  • Flexible – it’s up to you to decide where you want to pick your parcel up and you can do that whenever you want