PackUp 24/24

The ideal way to receive your parcels with total flexibility!

Are you usually out when the delivery man calls? Is collecting your parcel from a post office incompatible with your working hours? Would you like to avoid travelling and waste time?


The PackUp 24/24 stations are accessible 24/7, except those installed inside buildings, which are only accessible during opening hours.

  1. Create your account free of charge at
  2. From among the list of PackUp 24/24 stations, select the one to which you would like your parcels to be delivered
  3. When shopping online, when required to enter a delivery address simply enter the address of the chosen PackUp 24/24 station supplied to you
  4. Once your parcel has been dropped off at your PackUp 24/24 station, you’ll receive the code you need to collect it by Email/Text message
  5. Go to your PackUp 24/24 station to collect your order!


You can now use the PackUp 24/24 stations to return your parcels. Save time when returning your parcels by dropping them into a PackUp 24/24 station.

To return a parcel, simply bring it back to a PackUp station of your choice and follow the instructions on the screen.

And what’s more, you don’t need to be a PackUp customer to use this new functionality!

Which parcels are allowed?

  • Parcels with prepaid return slips bearing the words Cycleon, ERS or Amazon retour
  • Maximum dimensions : 750 x 440 x 610 mm
  • Maximum weight : 30 kg

All other parcels to be returned must be registered at a POST office

Etiquette Cycleon
Etiquette ERS
Etiquette Amazon retour


  • Practical – the 24/24 stations are accessible 24/7
  • Free – use your PackUp address at no extra cost
  • Time saver – choose a station near your home and avoid the queues