Stay on top of your budget with the TIPTOP prepaid card

No commitment, no restrictions and no bill – with TIPTOP you can make calls in total freedom, while still enjoying all the benefits.



Tiptop 10€


30 days

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Tiptop 15€


60 days

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Tiptop 25€


90 days

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How do I top up?

  • Via Internet – Top up your credit here. Only few clicks are needed.
  • Via voucher – Get your credit as a voucher at one of our partner sales outlets. Different amounts are available: €10, €15 and €25

Validity period of your phone credit

The validity period of your phone credit takes effect from your first call. It will be extended each time the card is topped up.

From the first entry into service

First call + 90 days

Each time you top up

Old validity date + X days
(depending on the type of top up)

Internet credit

Access the Internet to surf, check your emails or exchange with your family!

Convert all or part of the credit from your prepaid card into Internet credit.


€10 converted credit

500 MB

Valid 30 days

DATA500 for free on 64000


€15 converted credit

1 GB

Valid 30 days

DATA1000 for free on 64000


TipTop advantages

  • You can use your TIPTOP card anywhere, even abroad.
  • Check your available credit whenever you want with the "Track my usage" option. You only have to dial *110#.
  • Running out of credit? Let your caller know by text for free with the "Keep in Touch" option: dial his number immediately followed by # (for ex. 621123456#).

Prices and conditions



Calls to a national landline

0,22 €2

Calls to national mobile networks


Calls to mailbox


Voicemail checking option with unlimited national usage.

€1,24 /Month






€0,06 incl. VAT /MB (not included in the package)

1 More details in the price sheet.

2 60''/12'' tariff (first full minute, then per 12 second period). Tariffs are shown in € and include VAT.

3 Luxembourg and Europe data traffic: packet switching data communication made from the POST mobile network and in Europe, excluding special numbers and Premium SMS, calls to voice-over-internet numbers and data, fax and video calling. 1 MB = 1024 KB. Various factors may affect the speed. Further details on speeds can be found in the document: Net Neutrality.