The mobile payment solution

Convert your smartphone into a mobile payment device with Digicash! Digicash allows you to safely pay your purchases and bills by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone. The amount of your purchase is automatically debited from your CCP. It's as easy, quick and user-friendly as this!

Activate Digicash

How does it work ?

In roder to use Digicash with your POST current account, you have to activate the solution by going through a few steps:

  • connect to eboo
  • path to activate Digicash in eboo : More > Settings > Banking settings > Digicash
  • let the system guide you through a few steps ; you will be invited to download the Post Digicash App and to scan a QR code to link your smartphone with the account
  • define a confidential PIN code that you have to enter on every payment

and you are ready to use Digicash!

Paying with Digicash

Paying with Digicash is even easier:

  • start the Digicash app and scan with your smartphone camera the QR code that is presented to you at the cash desk or on your bill
  • enter your confidential PIN code to validate your payment
  • verify the payment details on the confirmation you receive

The amount is automatically debited from your POST current account.

For more information about Digicash and to see the list of merchants that accept Digicash, go to www.digicash.lu