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Luxembourg's first crypto stamp

A stamp of a whole new dimension! Limited edition of 75,000 copies.

3 countries, 3 stamps

In collaboration with Post NL and Österreichische Post.

A stamp of a whole new dimension!

On October 10, 2023, POST Philately will issue the first Luxembourg crypto stamp in cooperation with PostNL and Österreichische Post. Whether you're a collector, hobbyist or simply interested in the potential of the digital world, you'll have the opportunity to acquire, collect and exchange NFTs.

What is a crypto stamp?

A crypto stamp is a stamp made up of two parts: a physical stamp and its digital twin. The digital twin is an image that you can collect, exchange and trade on the blockchain*.

Physical stamp

You can collect the physical stamp or use it to send your mail.

Digital twin

Each physical crypto stamp has a QR code that allows you to discover its digital twin. This is your own NFT **("non-fungible token").

A first

Get your hands on Luxembourg's very first crypto stamp. This stamp is all the more special because POST Luxembourg is launching it as part of a joint issue with the Austrian and Dutch Posts.


  • Price of the stamp: €9,00 
  • Design: Sandra Smulders, Vormgoed (NL)
  • Printing: color offset and screen print on Invercote Creato matt 240 g/m2 paper, PET film for NFC chip, silver metallic, film and varnish, NFC chip 384 bytes, AES-SUN NDEF security by Variuscard GmbH, Vienna (ÖS)
  • Stamp dimension: 43 x 53 mm
  • Stamp sheetlet dimension: 53,98 x 85,6 x 0,79 mm, 1 stamp per sheetlet

The Luxembourg crypto stamp collection

Digital twins exist in 5 colors recorded
at different frequencies.

750 pieces


  • Quantity: 750 pieces out of 75 000

5 000 pieces


  • Quantity: 5 000 pieces out of 75 000

10 000 pieces


  • Quantity: 10 000 pieces out of 75 000

20 000 pieces


  • Quantity: 20 000 pieces out of 75 000

39 250 pieces


  • Quantity: 39 250 pieces out of 75 000

Sales start on November 30, 2023.

Special Gold Edition

  • Delivered in a box with a 1-gram gold bar.
  • Face value of 500 euros, limited edition of 333 stamps.
  • Joint stamp issue with Österreichische Post and Post NL.
  • The alloy of the bar is AU 999.9 recycled gold

The profits from the sale of this edition will be donated to the « Stëmm vun der Strooss » association, which works towards the social and professional integration of disadvantaged individuals in Luxembourg.

Available exclusively at www.postphilately.lu and at Guichet Philatélique.

Please note: The Gold Edition will not be available in the Espaces POST or post offices.

First day of issue’ cancellation

Once the Luxembourg crypto stamp has been issued, go to the ‘Guichet Philatélique’ at Cloche d’Or to receive the ‘first day of issue’ cancellation!

LU crypto stamps user guide

  1. Discover the color of the digital twin

    The crypto stamp contains a locked NFC chip. Approach your smartphone to the crypto stamp. Any smartphone with an NFC function can read the chip. 
    If your smartphone is not equipped with an NFC function, please scan the QR-Code located on the back of your crypto stamp.
    Your smartphone's browser will automatically open, prompting you to enter the Code [A] on the back of the crypto stamp. After a few moments, you'll discover the associated digital twin (NFT) and its color.

  2. Create your own NFT wallet**

    Use your laptop or computer to visit metamask.io (The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs | MetaMask) and download the MetaMask browser extension. Complete the steps to create a new wallet. If you already have one, simply import it.

  3. Connect your wallet to cryptostamp.com

    Go to cryptostamp.com/wallet and click ‘connect wallet'. Use the MetaMask extension to log in. Your wallet is now connected. The digital twin of your stamp will now appear in your cryptostamp wallet.

  4. Switch to the Polygon network

    Your digital twin will now appear. Time to switch over to the Polygon network. Your MetaMask wallet is automatically configured to use Ethereum. To change the network, click on “switch network” in the MetaMask extension.

  5. Store your digital twin in your wallet

    You have reached the final step! Scan the QR-Code [2] on the back of your crypto stamp, which is protected by a security film. Click on "Transfer stamp into your wallet", enter your personal wallet address and click on "Transfer" again. Wait for confirmation of the transaction. Congratulations! Your LU crypto stamp is now in your NFT wallet**.

  6. View the NFTs** in your wallet

    If you have ordered several crypto stamps, follow the steps as many times as required to register them in your NFT wallet. To view your collection, go to cryptostamp.com/wallet to view your collection.

Are you looking for this information?

The LU crypto stamp costs the same as a stamp for a registered national format M item, €9.00. So, you can use it for that too.

The Austrian crypto stamps are available online and onchain cryptostamp.com,

The Dutch crypto stamps are available online at postnl.nl

The LU crypto stamp is a stamp that consists of 2 parts: a physical stamp and a linked ‘digital twin’. It is Luxembourg’s’ first crypto stamp. And thanks to our collaboration with Austrian Post and the Dutch Post, this is also the first crypto stamp issued by three postal services together!

It is the twin of your physical stamp. You can use it to create your own digital collection. If you do this in the blockchain, you will need cryptocurrency and a wallet.

With a Luxembourgish crypto stamp worth € 9 you have the possibility to send a letter in format M by registered delivery to Luxembourg, which costs € 4 for the stamp and € 5 for registered delivery.

We have chosen Polygon for storing and trading the digital twins. They process transactions using the so-called 'proof-of-stake' principle. This consumes a lot less energy than ‘proof-of-work’, which is what cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use.

The first LU crypto stamps will be shipped after the 10 October 2023. There is a maximum of 10 stamps per package. So, if you have ordered 25, for example, you will receive 3 separate shipments.

Purchasing the Luxembourgish crypto stamp should be done only on our website or in official outlets. The real Luxembourgish crypto stamp contains an encrypted NFC chip that can be read with a smartphone. In this way, its authenticity can be verified.

Yes. Please follow the instructions on your packing slip and returns form to return your LU crypto stamp. Please note: returns will only be accepted in unopened and undamaged packaging.

You can buy the crypto stamp onchain through the Austrian website. Whereas you normally order the physical stamp first, in this case you buy the digital twin first. You pay for your purchase with cryptocurrency, after which your LU crypto stamp will appear in your own wallet. After that, you can request the corresponding physical stamp within 5 years.

Customers can buy a first day cover (FDC) with the Luxembourgish crypto stamp. If they have subscribed to the annual collection, they will automatically receive the crypto stamp as part of their subscription. The Luxembourgish crypto stamp and the first day cover are only available online at postphilately.lu.

Onchain sales take place via the Austrian website. The physical LU crypto stamp can be requested via the button 'Request shipping'. Don't worry about your address details: they are submitted in encrypted form via the blockchain. You will then receive the physical stamp by post.


* "Blockchain: a transparent, decentralised technology for storing and transmitting information, which makes it possible to validate and secure every exchange of data". Larousse 2023


** "NFT: Non-fungible token (NFT), non-reproducible and unforgeable digital file representing a unique asset, virtual or physical object (work of art, Tweet, piece of music, etc.), which is listed in a blockchain and to which is associated a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership." Larousse 2023