Simplify your account management with convergent billing

Make things easier for yourself by combining your landline and mobile bills into a single document!

What are the advantages of convergent billing?

No need to juggle several bills. Keep track of all your billing accounts at a glance.


No need to juggle several bills. Keep track of all your billing accounts at a glance.


Save time with your new billing system. Now you’ll only need to pay one bill for all your services!


Convergent billing gives you a more transparent and detailed view of your own consumption and that of your household.

How can I group my accounts together to receive a single bill?

It’s so easy you can do it from your sofa – simply visit the MyPost app.

  1. Create a SEPA mandate using the MyPost app

    All you need is a LuxTrust authenticator and your bank details. Then enter your SEPA Direct Debit mandate on one of your accounts.

    Good to know: there may be a delay before your mandate becomes active.
  2. Activate electronic receipt mode 

    To receive your convergent bill, you need to activate the electronic receipt of bills.

  3. Track your request

    You will be informed of the progress of your request by e-mail.

  4. Is something not working? 

    You can also put in a request at an Espace POST or by calling 8002 8004 free of charge.

Answers to your questions

We’re introducing a new, more modern bill format to make the document easier to read. Here are all the details you need to understand your bill:

Page 1 

Page 2 


The main account is the billing account that will be retained following the consolidation of the two billing accounts. It will contain all of the linked services. The main account is automatically defined based on the following elements:

  • the defining of a SEPA mandate
  • the activation of the electronic receipt of bills

A secondary account is one of the billing accounts integrated in the main account. All of the secondary account’s services are therefore retained in the main account.

The billing method is the electronic method that you use to pay your monthly bills. POST recommends the SEPA Direct Debit mandate. This is a simple, fast and reliable way to make your payments.

Do you have any other questions? 

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