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Protect your email and personal information

To protect your personal information, POST Luxembourg would like to remind you that you should regularly change the password of your e-mail account "".

It is necessary to choose and use robust and complex passwords, i.e. ones that are difficult to retrieve using automated tools and to guess by a third party.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Use a unique password for each service/site/messaging system. In particular, never use your email password to access another online service. Also use different passwords for your professional and personal email;
  • Choose a password that is not related to you: do not use a password with company name, date of birth, etc.;
  • Use sufficiently complex and long passwords with upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters;
  • Never ask a third party to generate a password for you;
  • Change the default passwords systematically and as soon as possible;
  • Renew your passwords with a reasonable frequency. Every 90 days is a good compromise for systems containing sensitive data;
  • Do not store passwords in a file on a place particularly exposed to risk (example: online on the Internet), let alone on an easily accessible paper;
  • Do not send yourself your own passwords to your personal email;
  • Configure software, including your web browser, so that they do not "remember" the chosen passwords.

POST Luxembourg will never ask you to send your password by email or to communicate it by phone. All passwords in our email system are encrypted.