Our 5G mobile offers

Finding the best offer for your and your family's needs is easy!

SCOUBIDO, the all-inclusive reference mobile offer

  • Take advantage of 5G, which is included with all plans at no extra cost.
  • Choose from seven SCOUBIDO mobile plans designed to cater for all needs, both big and small, from €9.99/month.
  • Enjoy unlimited calls/SMS in Luxembourg, as well as calls to landlines in over 60 countries outside Europe.
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5G POWER, the 5G Cloud Gaming mobile offer

  • Enjoy 5G in all its power with speeds of up to 1Gbit/s.
  • Take out a mobile plan with unbeatable data allowances, up to 100GB in Europe, and unlimited Streaming&Social option data.
  • Discover over 400 video games on your smartphone with Blacknut, the 5G Cloud Gaming option.
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