The service that lets you control your Mobile Internet consumption.

How does it work?

  • Limit your Internet expenses in Luxembourg and in roaming with the SCOUBIDO and BASIC+ packages, and in roaming with the BASIC and TIPTOP offers.
  • By sending free of charge the SMS: EXTENDxx (name of service + amount: cf. list of spend levels; e.g. EXTEND50) to 64046, you choose to increase your consumption limit out of your Mobile Internet bundle
  • Each month, the limit is reset (to €50 par default, but you can also choose another limit from €0 to €2,500)
  • Requests in excess of €2,500 must be submitted using the form available here.
  • The increase in your data consumption takes the form of moving from one spend level up to the next spend level
  • To move up to the higher spend level, you must have used 80% of your current spend level: you will automatically receive an SMS alerting you when you have used 80% of your current spend level
  • When you have used 100% of your current spend level, you will receive an SMS informing you that your data connections are now blocked: you can ask to have an extension to the next spend level up by sending a free SMS with the code EXTEND + the desired amount (c.f. list of spend levels)

Free option EXTEND MAX

You can also opt for a maximum limit up to which your children can increase the spend level.

List of shortcodes (by SMS to 64046)


EXTEND Lets you extend your bundle to the next spend level up by sending an SMS with the desired amount (cf. list of spend levels)
HELP To be sent an SMS indicating the procedure to follow to increase your spend level
INFO To find out your data consumption spending out of your bundle for the current month
STATUS To find out if the blocking mechanism is active or not. Note: if the mechanism is not active, you may be liable to pay higher charges
PERM0 Permet de bloquer le dépassement de forfait de façon permanente. Un déblocage reste toujours possible

List of spend levels


Desired limit Previous limit SMS Code
€0* - EXTEND0
€25* €0 EXTEND25
€50€* €25 EXTEND50
€100€* €50 EXTEND100
€250* €100 EXTEND250
€500* €250 EXTEND500
€1000* €500 EXTEND1000
€2500* €1000 EXTEND2500

* For prepaid customers, all amounts are VAT inclusive; for subscription customers, all amounts are excluding VAT.