Information about COVID-19

After the progression of the coronavirus in Luxembourg, POST Luxembourg is continuously and thoroughly monitoring the development of the situation.

POST has a "pandemic plan" that includes the measures to be taken gradually in order to reduce the impact on our employees, infrastructure, services and operations.

This plan has two objectives:

  • To protect POST employees by reducing the risk of infection in the workplace and thus limit the spread among staff;
  • To preserve the functioning of the company by maintaining POST's infrastructure and ensuring the continuity of key activities.

The measures implemented by POST Luxembourg at this stage are in particular :

  • POST has a crisis team that meets daily to monitor the announcements of the authorities, to evaluate the situation and to decide on the measures to be taken;
  • All critical functions have been identified as part of business continuity management.
  • Some teams have been or are being split and relocated to different sites throughout the country.
  • POST has remote working capabilities for critical functions and is working with critical suppliers to identify and prevent potential risks;
  • Technical infrastructures such as the communications network and data centers are redundant and based on multi-site architectures;
  • POST asks its employees to strictly follow the recommendations of the health authorities, and preventive measures are reinforced in our buildings;
  • POST continues to monitor the situation and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and will not hesitate to take additional measures if necessary.

In our role as a service provider to the population and the economy, the protection of our employees, customers and partners as well as the continuity of our services and operations are and will remain our priorities.