HD Voice for high definition conversations

The POST network offers you a new technology: HD voice.

HD Voice (High Definition Voice) is a new telephone technology which enhances voice quality by filtering out background noise and using improved speech coding.

You no longer have to adjust the volume or speak louder to make yourself understood. With HD Voice the quality of your call is first rate, almost lifelike.

Your benefits

With your mobile phone

  • When you are in a noisy place (street, airport, public transport, restaurants, etc.) the background noise is filtered enabling you to hear the person talking to you perfectly.
  • When you want to be discreet without anyone else around you hearing, you can whisper. The person you are talking to will hear you perfectly. Even the lowest sounds are transmitted very clearly.

With your landline at home

  • Benefit from a richer and more natural sound on your landline. It's just as if the person is next to you. This is ideal for people who value impeccable voice quality or for those with a hearing problem.

To benefit from HD Voice, you and your contact must:

With your mobile phone

  • Be connected to 3G with POST.
  • Make your call on an HD compatible mobile phone.

    Tips: even if your contact's mobile phone is not HD Voice compatible, or if you do not use the 3G network, the difference is already apparent thanks to the enhanced acoustics in the HD Voice compatible GSM systems.

With your landline at home

  • Be a POST LuxFibre customer.
  • Make the call on an HD compatible landline: POST recommends the Fritz MT-F telephone.

How much does it cost?

The service is free and available immediately without you having to do anything as long as you meet both conditions described above.

Without HD Voice


With HD Voice