Post current account statements

On demand!

You decide when and how you want to receive your account statements.

Your statements on demand

For your post curret account statements, you have a choice between:

  • monthly account statements : free of charge
  • fortnightly account statements (one statement in the middle of the month and one at the end) : free of charge
  • weekly account statements
  • daily account statements
  • electronic account statements (CCP Connect customers only)

Pour modifier vos extraits de compte téléphonez-nous

The electronic account statement

The electronic account statement: ecological, practical and free of charge

We offer you monthly electronic statements, available on CCP Connect, instead of paper statements. The electronic statement is:

  • environmentally friendly
  • practical: no need to sort and file large amounts of paper
  • secure: your electronic statement is available on CCP Connect and therefore stored in our secure servers
  • free of charge

To opt for electronic statements and stop receiving paper statements, please click ‘Opt for electronic statements' in the ‘My Correspondence' menu on CCP Connect.

Modifier les extraits

How do I change the frequency of my paper statements?

To change the frequency of your paper statements, you can:

  • email us from the integrated email function on CCP Connect
  • email us at:
  • call us on freephone 8002 8004
  • visit any national post office

All you need to do is provide your account number and your preferred frequency – it's that easy!