CCP Connect

Your account wherever and whenever you want

Using CCP Connect, you can manage your account directly and securely.

You can obtain CCP Connect for free at any post office.


Access your account at any time

With CCP Connect, the internet banking of your post account, your account is available 24/7. You can manage all of your accounts directly and in four languages (Luxembourgish, French, German and English). CCP Connect is totally clear and intuitive and no specific knowledge or user guide is required.

You manage everything

Your CCP Connect account not only offers all of the common account features, but also has features exclusive to CCP Connect users.

You can:

  • check, export and print account statements, movements and bank card transactions
  • carry out national and international transfers at reduced rates and without having to re-enter recurring transfer details
  • manage your standing orders and direct debits
  • check and top up your easy card, the POST prepaid Visa card
  • communicate securely with POST Finance

Enjoy maximum security

With CCP Connect, you won't need to worry about security or confidentiality. CCP Connect boasts an excellent security level by using LuxTrust Certificates for authentication (LuxTrust Mobile, Token, Smartcard, Signing Stick).

What is a LuxTrust Certificate?