Microsoft CloudVoice

Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional phone system and the cloud via Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams

POST has created Direct Routing so that its customers using Microsoft Teams can receive and make calls from or to any switched telephone network number in Luxembourg and abroad within the Microsoft environment. .


Our solution

Thanks to Microsoft CloudVoice, you can replace your existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system with a set of features provided directly by Microsoft Teams that can help to improve a business’ productivity and cloud experience.
CloudVoice transforms Microsoft Teams into a hosted PBX that is integrated with the other features of the Microsoft 365 suite

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Schéma de l'offre

Your benefits

  • Possibility to keep and use your own existing phone numbers
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is available worldwide: communication in Luxembourg and abroad with anyone, regardless of whether or not they are using Teams (all you need is the internet!)
  • Access all the necessary features during calls, depending on your needs
  • Thanks to the cloud approach, it can be installed and configured remotely so the customer is not expected to do anything
  • As the service is managed by your telecommunications service provider, you enjoy a professional and secure service, a guaranteed high service availability and an attractive call charges plan

It’s practical!

Microsoft CloudVoice will make your everyday teleworking life easier. Continue to receive your calls at home as if you were in the office!