Online Letter

We handle the printing, enveloping, franking and distribution of your mail!

Sending out mail takes time and for this reason POST proposes doing this for you. If you regularly send out mailshots but don't have the time or the infrastructure to print them, put them in envelopes, frank them and distribute them, this service is for you.

  • You handle the page layout
  • POST handles everything else for you

Our solution

Thanks to our "Online Letter" solution, you can subcontract the sending of your mailshots to POST. You simply prepare the content and layout of your mailshots and once they’re looking good, let us do the rest!

POST will print them out in the quantities of your choice and handle the enveloping stage. Next, the stamp is glued onto each envelope by us and we then distribute your mailshot for you.

Your benefits

  • Practical – Once you have got your mailshot looking just how you want it, POST will handle everything else
  • Fast – Thanks to our infrastructure, your mailing campaign will be implemented more quickly
  • Flexible – Several types of letters available

Using "Online Letter"

To use the "Online Letter" service all you need to do is visit