Data to Go

The Mobile Internet offer to take with you everywhere.

50% off for 3 months*

Data to Go, the Mobile Internet offer designed for you:

Internet Mobile

Mobile Internet volumes to suit all needs, from 2GB to 100GB, without a contract1, 2, 3


It can be used all over Europe and the USA


It is completely mobile thanks to a SIM card inserted in a tablet or a WiFi hotspot so that your devices can be connected to WiFi

The options 4

Extra Volume 5,6

Get an additional 20GB (€17.09, excl. VAT) at maximum speed, in Luxembourg, Europe and the USA.
Text EXTRAEUUS20 to 64000

Control your mobile data usage abroad better  


Blocked subscription 7

Stay within your budget!

No more surprises. Restrict your plan for just €1.71/month, excl. VAT.

How does it work?

Once your plan has been used up, your data communications are automatically blocked. It’s simple and effective!


Conditions of offer