ControlCenter, the mobile app

ControlCenter is a mobile application that allows professional customers to manage and control the monthly budget allocated to their mobile fleet by sending notifications where needed.

The advantages of the mobile application ControlCenter*

  • Accessible from any tablet or smartphone
  • Available for download from the App Store and Play Store
  • 100% secure application
  • Free application

2 versions

ControlCenter Lite

This is for Business Europe customers who just have one number to manage.

ControlCenter Pro

This is for customers who want to manage a fleet of mobile devices (multiple numbers). The customer needs to sign a general contract with POST Telecom.

User Guide

How do I download the app?

  • Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and search the ControlCenter application
  • Download the application, which is free and accessible from any tablet or smartphone, iOS or Android. Telecharger l'application ControlCenter Always check that you have the latest version of the app. If you downloaded the app in the past, please update it.
  • The application opens after showing a welcome message saying that the application is for professional use only. Message réservé aux utilisateurs professionnels

How do I create an account?

Prerequisite: you have downloaded the ControlCenter app.

  • Open the application. In the ACCESS YOUR DATA window, click REGISTER HERE. Access your data The general T&Cs appear.
  • Accept the terms and click CONTINUE.
  • In the REGISTER window enter your phone number and click SEND. Rigister saisir son numéro de téléphone You receive a text containing a code (“OTP code”). This is valid for one minute. After that time, you have to start the process from the beginning.
  • Enter the code in the OTP window and click CONTINUE. Entrer le code
  • In the REGISTER PROFILE window, enter your last name, first name, email address and a new password. Click REGISTER. Register profile We will send your registration details to the email address you enter here. You need to complete registration within 24 hours after creating your account.
    If you are using an outdated service (e.g. SCOUBIDO), an error message appears, telling you this service is not compatible with ControlCenter.
  • An email is sent to you to confirm your new account (sender: ControlCenter - subject: ControlCenter registration). This email is valid for 24 hours. Click the link in the email. Email de confirmation This opens a web page in your browser confirming that your email address is verified and the account is set up. You can go back to the POST ControlCenter app and enter your login details to start using it.
  • After activating the email link, we will send you a second email (sender: ControlCenter - subject: Welcome to ControlCenter). This includes your ControlCenter registration details. Clôture de l'inscription

How do I log on?

Prerequisite: you have created a ControlCenter account.

  • Open the application. In the ACCESS YOUR DATA window, enter the email address and password you entered when you set up your account. Click LOGIN. Access your data - connexion To avoid having to enter your details every time, click Remember me. This code is valid for 12 months, then you have to change it.

How do I log out?

You don’t have to log out of the app when you’re done, unless you want to switch accounts.

  • To log out, click the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. Se déconnecter A screen appears, showing your profile details.
  • Click Logout Ecran logout The main login screen appears.

How can I see the phone numbers linked to my account?

  • Click the “burger” icon in the top left corner. afficher numéro de téléphone associés au compte
    ControlCenter Pro: all the numbers linked to your ControlCenter account appear
    ControlCenter Lite: the number linked to your ControlCenter account appears.

How do see my overall usage?

When the application opens, a screen appears showing the usage status (calls/texts, MMS and mobile Internet use) for the current month. The national and European usage is shown in the graph showing the percentage of units consumed.

Détail de la consommation globale


This information is continuously updated in the BUNDLES screen. Unlike the USAGES screen, which tracks consumption over the month, this information is updated every hour.

If you exceed your allowed usage you will receive a notification text.

A reminder: one consumed unit = 1 SMS = 1 MMS = 1 call minute.

The number in question appears at the top of the screen.

Le numéro concerné s'affiche en haut de l'écran.

By default, the month shown is the current month. To view usage for a different month, click USAGE and choose a different Billing Cycle.

To see the details for each type of usage, click USAGE and choose DATA, VOICE, SMS or MMS.

Voir le détail par type de consommations

How do I analyse my usage?

You can analyse the different types of usage (calls, SMS, MMS, Internet) day by day.

  • Click USAGE
  • Choose the type of usage: DATA, VOICE, SMS or MMS.
  • Choose the reporting period.
    Choisir la période d'analye

Under EVOLUTION, you can see the cumulative consumption and distribution over the entire month. The units depend on the type of consumption:

  • GB for DATA
  • Minutes for CALLS
  • Units for SMS and MMS.

Under DISTRIBUTION, you can see the share of national and international consumption, with a breakdown for each country.

Internet usage

Under EVOLUTION, you can see the Internet usage broken down by:

  • National data
  • Roaming data
  • Free data

Consommation internet evolution

Under DISTRIBUTION, you can see usage details by charge rate and country:

  • Apple GPRS calls
  • Apple GPRS roaming
  • traffic
  • etc.

Consommation internet distribution


Under EVOLUTION, you can see your calls broken down by:

  • National calls
  • Roaming calls
  • International calls
  • Free calls
  • Voice over Internet (VoIP)

Consommation internet evolution

Under DISTRIBUTION, you can see usage details by charge rate, incoming/outgoing calls, operator and country:

  • Incoming call on roaming
  • Outgoing call on roaming
  • Call to another operator
  • National call
  • International call
  • Free call
  • VoIP call
  • etc.

Consommation internet distribution


Under EVOLUTION, you can see your text usage broken down by:

  • National texts
  • Roaming texts
  • International texts
  • Premium-rate texts

Consommation internet evolution

Under DISTRIBUTION, you can see usage details by charge rate, operator and premium-rate services:

  • Texts sent to the POST network
  • Texts sent to another network
  • Texts sent from abroad
  • Texts sent abroad
  • Premium-rate texts sent
  • Premium-rate texts received
  • etc.

Consommation internet distribution


Under EVOLUTION, you can see your MMS usage broken down by:

  • National MMS
  • Roaming MMS
  • International MMS

Consommation internet evolution

Under DISTRIBUTION, you can see usage details by charge rate and country:

  • MMSs sent to the POST network
  • MMSs to another operator
  • MMS sent abroad
  • Roaming MMSs sent to the POST network

Consommation internet distribution

How do I order options?

Under OPTIONS, you can see the options available to you.

If you are managing a fleet with ControlCenter Pro, you can upgrade your account here.

There are no available options with ControlCenter Lite. Commander des options


Forgotten password?

  • If you forget your password, go to ACCESS YOUR DATA and click FORGOT PASSWORD. Mot de passe oublié
  • In the Reset password window, enter the email address you registered with and click Send. Reset password We will send you an email containing a link to the application website. This email is valid for single-use and will expire after 24 hours.
  • In the application window, enter a new password and click Submit. submit form A message appears, confirming your password has been reset. Click BACK TO LOGIN to go back to the application. Message affichant la réinitialisation du mot de passe

How do I change my password?

  • To change your password, click the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. Icône changer son mot de passe A screen appears, showing your profile details.
  • Click Change password Ecran changer son mot de passe
  • In the Change password window, enter your old password followed by your new one. Formulaire pour changer son mot de passe • A confirmation message appears. We will also send you a verification email. Message de confirmation pour changer son mot de passe

An error message appears when I try to create an account

Non-eligible services such as Scoubido are not compatible with ControlCenter.

Can I use this app on my iPad?

The registration process doesn’t work with the SIM card in an iPad because it can’t receive the OTP text message sent to validate the registration.

You can remove the SIM card from the iPad and put it in a phone to complete the process.

I would like to use the Post ControlCenter to manage my company’s entire fleet. How do I do that?

Upgrade from ControlCenter Lite to ControlCenter Pro.

Contact the POST Service desk. They will create an account for you and you’ll need to re-create a user account for the numbers you already saved in ControlCenter Lite.

I can’t access “BUNDLES” or “OPTIONS”

BUNDLES and OPTIONS aren’t available to BusinessEurope2 customers. Only the USAGE option is shown.

Under USAGE you can show the usage details for each type of communication. See the section on analysing usage

I can’t access my Pooling details

Pooling details aren’t available to BusinessEurope customers.

I didn’t receive the OTP code by text

The code should appear immediately. You’re either out of service range or you may have entered the phone number incorrectly when you registered with ControlCenter.

Try again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact the Service desk on 8002 4000.

I want to receive notifications when I’m about to reach my allowed usage

The ControlCenter automatically sends a notification when you reach 80% of your usage.

When I click on the ControlCenter application, the welcome screen opens but I can’t see the Login page

The application is not updated.

Update the application and try again.

L'application n'est pas à jour.

I see the message “Unable to load subscriptions. No subscriptions linked to your account” when I log in

You are not authorised to use the application.

Only BusinessEurope customers can use the ControlCenter application.

Vous n'avez pas les droits pour utiliser l'application.

I see the message “Forbidden” when I click on the emailed link to change my password

You have tried several times to click the link in the email to reset your password

Restart the process by clicking “Forgot password” in the application to receive a new email.

J'ai le message Forbidden

I see the message “Reset password failed”

The account doesn’t exist so you can’t request a new password.

Create an account by clicking “Register here”.

Register here

I see the message “Unable to login”.

The user name or password you entered was incorrect.

Try again and if it still doesn’t work, click “Forgot password”.

J'ai le message Unable to login

I’m trying to log in but the application just sends me back to the login page

You are not authorised to use the application if you’re a Scoubidou customer, for example.

Use your MyPost access. Contact your local POST branch or call 8002 8004 for more information.

Pas les droits d'accès à l'application