The secure web application for analysing and managing your fleet of mobile devices.

Make it easier to manage your mobile device fleet, with the online tool, ControlCenter

  • You have access to a secure online application
  • You have instant access to practical indicators
  • You can view detailed reading of your fleet, your consumption and your costs

Your benefits

Take charge of your telecoms budget

You have an instant and comprehensive overview of the distribution and progress of your fleet expenditure.

Optimising your budget

Thanks for the communications threshold you can avoid excessive overspending.

Managing your mobile device fleet according to your needs

The communications data give you an overview of your consumption, for example, calls by country and/or by user.


With the data collected by this application, you can quickly analyse your fleet of mobile devices, it’s consumption and your expenses.

An attractive and turnkey solution

This solution requires no investment and you have quick and easy access to your secure web application, 24/7.

An application

Developed by POST, constantly optimised, and based on a proactive approach tailored to your needs and market trends.

Our solution

Manage your company’s mobile device

ControlCenter is a mobile device fleet management solution that gives you a clear view of the communications of all your mobile devices. You can even access this secure web application when you’re on the move, on any smartphone or tablet.

ControlCenter brings multiple indicators together under a single application –giving you a 24/7, virtual view of your fleet. This means you can track your consumption and expenditure any time, anywhere.

ControlCenter makes it easier to manage your fleet of mobile devices, allowing you to :

  • Sets alerts to avoid overspending when it comes to communications
  • Check communications data according to the type of communication or its source
  • Make it easier to read and customise notifications according to your company’s needs, colours and visual branding.