The full range of telephone services in a single solution

Enjoy all of the benefits that IP telephony can offer your business, all within the secure POST environment.

  • you can forget about investment costs and control your operational costs
  • benefit from all the features of telephony over IP and fixed mobile convergence
  • your telephone network has never been so secure

The benefits to you

CloudPBX is a telephone exchange solution based on POST’s cloud platform, and is a component of our ALL-IN-ONE “ConnectedOffice” solution.

By opting for CloudPBX, you will enjoy all the benefits the cloud can offer for fixed and mobile telephony.

  • keep your landline numbers and streamline your numbering plan
  • your employees can be contacted on the same number, whether in the office or on the road, thanks to fixed mobile convergence
  • your operators can view the status of all the lines (fixed and mobile), in real time
  • you can set up a call centre in just a few clicks
  • manage all of your settings in a simple and user-friendly interface
  • simplify your invoicing with flat rate plans available for extensions or mobile phone lines (optional)

Our solution

CloudPBX includes the provision of a virtual telephone exchange, installed and managed on POST’s Voice over IP platform.

CloudPBX offers all of the functionality of a traditional telephone exchange, advanced services with a variety of options and centralised intra-company communications in a one-stop solution.

Together with the choice of technical components, from data communications equipment to telephone terminals, there is also a range of calling packages tailored to the needs of your company.

The main features of CloudPBX are:

Technical features:

  • access to a virtual telephone exchange using POST’s Voice over IP platform through customised connectivity
  • use of professional data communications equipment available for purchase
  • a wide range of telephone terminals available for purchase.
  • Simple configuration and management tools (CloudPBX Web Portal and POST CloudPBX Configurator app)

Related services:

  • Intra-company communications
  • Unlimited national calling plans
  • Fixed mobile convergence
  • Professional support
  • Specific training for users and/or administrators

Customer Testimonies

Find out how CloudPBX from POST Telecom has facilitated the day-to-day operations of the company “Move-in Immobilier”!

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