Protection Mail

Protect your POST email account against viruses and spam

From €1,74 HT/Month

Protection Mail includes anti-virus and anti-spam software. Activate this option and let POST take care of the rest. Your inbox is completely protected.

  • Your Protection Mail is activated immediately
  • Your security system is automatically updated
  • Your file storage space is private and secure

Your benefits

Simple, immediate activation

All incoming emails are scanned before they reach your computer. If we detect spam, we send it to the appropriate folder to ensure that your inbox remains free from unwanted emails.

Daily updates of the security system

Access a secure environment with all of your computers.

Your file storage space is secure

From €1.74 /month – you can view all Protection Mail billing details on your monthly phone bill.

Our solutions


Our Protection Mail solution includes an anti-virus tool that scans and protects your inbox and your private file storage space. It is automatically updated, without affecting the arrival of new emails or your ability to read emails on pt.webmail.


POST runs a security check before sending the message to your inbox.

When spam is detected, it is placed in a dedicated 'SPAM' folder, which can only be viewed via an IMAP connection or the webmail application.

Your inbox remains free from unwanted mail and the risk of contamination via email is greatly reduced.

Activate your Protection Mail in just one click

If you are a POST Internet customer and would like to activate the Protection Mail option, simply log in and go to the 'AddOns' menu.