CleanPipe Easy

The CleanPipe Easy service efficiently secures access to your company's LuxFibre Internet connection

€25 Excl. VAT /month

Enjoy the benefits of an essential comprehensive tool enabling you to protect your Internet network and define access rules.

  • The service offers full protection with automatic updates on your LuxFibre Internet connection.
  • You will benefit from all the services you need Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering and Antivirus technology
  • This security service can be provided without any prior installation required and without any up-front costs

Your benefits

  • Activate and configure the service and its options directy through the Service Portal LuxFibre.
  • CleanPipe Easy has been developped to fullfill all the needs of your small business by acting on your LuxFibre internet access, even with a fixed IP address.
  • To ensure effective monitoring, you can adapt the security level to meet your company's internet policy.
  • This comprehensive solution is directly managed and updated by POST.

Our solution

The Firewall

protects your computer or computer network from computer hackers attempting to access your personal data.

The IPS protection

automatically blocks network intrusion attempts.
The IPS technology combines a referenced intrusion database, with real-time updates, enabling undetected attacks to be stopped by a conventional firewall and the detection of anomalies and threats for which no signature has yet been developed.

URL Filtering

allows you to restrict internet access for employees to web sites that are not compliant with your company policy.


technology analyses your incoming and outgoing data traffic, for files of up to 4 Mbyte.