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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future! For both town councils and companies.

Vehicle fleet management, people counting and geomarketing, smart meters, smart parking, smart cities, etc.

These are just a handful of examples of solutions which help to speed up processes, whilst reducing costs, and create new services which, moreover, are incredibly easy to implement thanks to the IoT!

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What is the IoT?

In practical terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network created by so-called “smart” devices which collect and exchange information between themselves and with us, via the internet. This exchange of information offers new opportunities, new services and new uses. Real-time access to the data collected by these objects means that areas for improvement can be effectively identified, creating value and reducing costs...

Whatever your area of activity: agriculture, motor industry, retail, construction, education, energy, healthcare, public sector, transport, etc., POST is there to help you design and implement your IoT projects with complete peace of mind. Turnkey solutions, tailored to your needs to improve productivity and enhance your business!

Give your objects a voice by fitting them with a sensor so that they can communicate. - IoT - Secteurs

This allows them to:

  • Say if a car park space is occupied
  • Locate a car or a tool/part/machine
  • Provide information about humidity levels or the temperature of a plant room
  • Report the number of people present in a room
  • Report the value shown on a meter
  • Provide information about air pollution

POST IoT SmartWorld is an enabler for your business because it addresses the whole value chain of the IoT: sensors for any business sector - networks - centralised platform.

Managing your vehicle fleet?

You can connect your vehicles using sensors and optimise the routes of your trucks, geolocate your cars, report information about the distance they travel and any alerts issued, be warned in the event of an accident or if a service is due and even detect dangerous driving, calculating a driving quality score, which is valuable for insurers. - IoT - Connected Cars - IoT - Smart Parking

Optimising the use of the car park for your building or in your town?

There are many Smart Parking solutions, for indoors and outdoors, with a wide-angle camera or individual sensors, with vehicle identification if necessary.

Instantly measure water consumption, detect a leak, etc.?

This is possible with the Smart Water solution from POST. Reporting of your daily water consumption allows for real-time monitoring. Comparison with your historical data means an abnormal change from one year to another can be stopped, even leaks can be detected in the event of sudden and increased consumption. - IoT - Smart Waters - IoT - Controlling the security

Controlling the security of your building?

In the event of a fire, for safety it is preferable to know how many people there are in the building.

Do you want to know the temperature and/or the humidity level in your server room?

Locate your machines, trolleys, reels, skips, etc.?

There are many sensors available which adapt to the operating environment of your devices so you can geolocate them in an instant or be warned if they move or enter/leave an area. - IoT - Tracking - IoT - GeoMarketing

Analyse your customers?

Geomarketing is a precious tool for metering and studying the movement of people. It provides information over time about the number of people present in predefined geographical areas, which is particularly helpful for optimising the opening and closing of your shops or offices, or to assess the impact of an event, etc.

Connect your hives?

Even the behaviour of bees will have no more secrets thanks to our smart scales. Never again miss the right moment to collect the honey! - IoT - Connect your hives

The benefits of POST’s IoT solutions allow you to improve the management of your infrastructure: - IoT - The benefits of POST’s IoT solutions
  • Optimise your processes: efficiency gains
  • Reduce costs
  • Real-time information for increased safety and security
  • Better understanding of your systems
  • Improve the usage of your buildings

POST IoT projects are implemented using a tailor-made approach.


  • Need to marry understanding of the business with the technological solution


  • Identify a requirement
  • Workshop with the client
    • Description of client business
    • Qualification of the requirement
    • First IoT approach
  • Pilot project
  • Scaling-up
    • Adaptations
    • Deployment

Key Points Summarised

Horizontal approach

  • Agnostic and comprehensive in terms of data transmission networks (2G to 5G, LPWAN, etc. )
  • A platform for all use cases, all networks and all devices
  • Scalability guaranteed: easy to add use cases and functionalities


  • Management of the whole value chain: design, prototyping, implementation, support, etc.
  • Team-based approach: you have the business requirement, we have the technological solution
  • Added value with our partners in all areas

Guarantees for the solution:

  • POST: local and sustainable partner
  • Software AG’s Cumulocity: acknowledged global leader for its IoT capabilities
  • Ecosystem of partners with proven business skills

When you think IoT, think POST

Good to Know

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Why choose POST to support you with your IoT project?


POST has selected the Cumulocity IoT platform from Software AG in order to offer a comprehensive range of IoT services.
The Cumulocity IoT platform collects the data sent by the various installed sensors.


Application Enablement

The sensors send the data via any type of network (mobile phone, Sigfox, LoRaWan, wired, etc.), the data are collected, analysed and formatted by the platform. The user just has to log onto the platform to access the data in the form of a dashboard or web interface. Via APIs, the data can also be used by third-party systems to offer enhanced applications.

Device Management

The Cumulocity IoT platform can also be used to control sensors remotely: check that they are functioning correctly (battery level), modify settings such as the frequency of data reporting or the level at which an alert is generated.

Security Management

All of the data are encrypted and secure. A comprehensive user and user group management policy, with defined access to the data, as well as the sensors and devices, is incorporated into the platform.

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