E-commerce and logistics

Thanks to its extensive experience in distribution and logistics for e-commerce, POST has developed its own network to facilitate the shipment of your goods from one country to another. The Grand Duchy enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Europe, meaning that your goods can be delivered in an optimal manner, as quickly as possible.


E-commerce websites

When your business model is ready and your range of products and/or services has been carefully planned out, all you need to do now is to make the world aware of your presence with a virtual showcase: this is your e-commerce website!

Thanks to our partners, who are all experts in this field, we can help you to prepare your website, in addition to a complete system for analysing your sales and updating your stocks, on a daily basis.

Transportation & distribution

Because of the experience of its team, POST is able to handle the transport and distribution of your goods throughout the whole of Luxembourg, including those arriving from all around the world.

Every stage in the logistics chain can be optimised to ensure the best management of your goods flow, with the help of various logistic solutions, such as cross-docking, customs clearance services, 'last mile' distribution, etc.


Warehousing and stock management

POST has numerous warehouses within the international airport perimeter, for the short and medium-term storage of your merchandise and semi-finished or finished products. This means you can easily store your products while, at the same time, managing your goods flow and orders, thanks to Pick and Pack.

What's more, we offer a number of value-added services including relabeling or returns, among others.