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Nutanix is an American publisher of cloud computing software and a pioneer in the field of hyperconverged infrastructure appliances. Its solutions enable most companies to implement IT environments which are almost as flexible as public cloud platforms. Thanks to Nutanix technology, companies can access a dynamic management system of virtual resources which can be applied to storage, calculation or network capacity.

POST is recognised as a NUTANIX MASTER PARTNER in Luxembourg.

POST has been in partnership with Nutanix since 2017

Nutanix has been recognised as a leader by Gartner for its hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Why POST chose Nutanix solutions

The perfect cloud computing solutions to develop your infrastructures

In a rapidly changing world, optimising IT infrastructure must increase an organisation’s flexibility. Nutanix, a company originating in cloud computing, offers new opportunities for the management and use of available IT resources.

Nutanix is a pioneer in the field of hyperconverged infrastructure appliances. Thanks to Nutanix solutions, it is now possible to converge storage and calculation functions alongside the most advanced possibilities in the field of virtualisation. Using only a single management interface, with a high level of function automation, anybody can easily process their entire IT stack and, as a result, considerably lower operating costs.

The Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure solutions give users the opportunity to build their own cloud and, depending on the strategy, evolve their IT environment towards a hybrid architecture.

How POST and Nutanix are working together ?

A privileged partnership to facilitate the implementation of hyperconverged infrastructure solutions

As a premier plan partner of Nutanix in Luxembourg, POST has the best means to support its clients in the implementation of the American publisher’s solutions. With the expertise of Nutanix, our goal is to help companies in Luxembourg make the most of the possibilities offered by cloud computing in businesses and the implementation of multi-cloud approaches.

The privileged partnership between Nutanix and POST is maintained thanks to the high level of certification of the POST teams in Luxembourg, which cover the pre-sale advice to clients, technical skills and services linked to the management of solution life-cycles.

At the heart of this partnership, POST is able to guide its clients through all the steps of their digital transformation, starting with hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. At the heart of our support service, we can make use of the many resources and tools made available to us by Nutanix, which facilitate both the implementation of the solutions and client support.

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