Warning: Malicious calls

We have detected a wave of malicious calls from abroad, including some from Tonga, but also from Mozambique, Haiti and other countries. We recommend that anyone who receives calls from an unknown origin/number not to pick up and not to call back.




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Special car loan conditions



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iPhone XR

iPhone XR 64GB for €0 with SCOUBIDO*.

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Free 3-month Apple Music subscription


Add your Apple iOS purchases to your mobile POST bill:
Practical: free of charge with no fuss
Transparent: view your purchases on your bill
Bonus: Free 3-month Apple Music subscription

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Select your channels and create your own tailor-made package, from just €1.99.


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Travel freely while managing your budget.

USA, Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Egypt, etc. Discover the SCOUBIDO Around the World options.


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360° tour

Discover here your new Espace POST. All POST services at the same place.

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POST - WiFi Calling option

WiFi Calling option

Make calls anywhere with WiFi access in Luxembourg.

WiFi Calling means you can make or receive calls in an area where network coverage is poor, e.g. a well-insulated house.

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Conditions COURRIER

Important information: POST Telecom customers


Our mobile (paper billing, Streaming&Social (for SCOUBIDO and BusinessEurope plans), carrier billing for digital services (for SCOUBIDO, BASIC and BASIC+ plans)), landline and PostTV conditions will be changing as of 1st January 2019. More information

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POST - Folder Février

February 2019

Take advantage of good deals!

Discover our mobile offers, mail services and much more…

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Information FGDL

Information importante

Deposit guarantee

You have one or several banking products that are eligible for the Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Fund guarantee at POST Luxembourg (Fonds de garantie des dépôts Luxembourg-FGDL). The guarantee ceiling is EUR 100,000 per depositor. This guarantee applies to all eligible deposits held by a customer in a like credit institution.

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