Improve the mobile network coverage at home and keep the safety of your communications

PerfectSignal is the solution to improve and optimise the coverage inside your home. For minimal investment, you and your household can phone and surf the Internet anywhere around your home, thanks to a personal antenna.

  • Enjoy optimal network coverage in your home
  • Connect up to 8 people simultaneously
  • Minimal investment, ultra-easy to use
5 /month

Your benefits

Mobile reception in your home must sometimes be improved due to a variety of reasons. For example, it may occur when your house is well insulated, due to the emergence of new European standards and building materials, or it could be due to other external factors.

PerfectSignal is the solution for you and your household:

  • Enjoy optimal network coverage at home.
  • Call, surf, send MMS/SMS from your mobile, anywhere in your home, up to 20 meters * around the PerfectSignal box.
  • Your calls are as secure as when you call from anywhere in Luxembourg.
  • Your friends and family with a POST mobile subscription, or using roaming, can enjoy PerfectSignal at your home (up to 8 simultaneous connections).
  • A switch from the connection inside your home to the POST external network is automatically detected and does not interrupt your communications.
  • Your investment is minimal, for a maximum of comfort. You just need to be a Internet customer with a POST mobile subscription and 3G-compatible GSM.
  • Your equipment is easy to install. Simply plug in and use.
  • You only pay your monthly subscription, while your mobile communications remain exclusively invoiced on your normal mobile subscription (including your data communications). Similarly, for guests who visit and use your PerfectSignal, no extra communication will be charged.

* Depending on the configuration of your home and building materials
**Le Client, s'il n'est pas satisfait par le Service, aura la possibilité de se rétracter par courrier recommandé dûment motivé dans les quatorze (14) jours suivant la conclusion du Contrat.

Your equipment

Here is the PerfectSignal device to be easily connected to your router PostHomeServer (Fritz!Box) at home.

Weight 0.4kg (excludes mains adaptor)
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 168mm x164mm x 52mm with stand
Power input – PerfectSignal 9VDC
Power input – Universal mains adaptor unit 100 to 240VAC, 50 to 60Hz
Ethernet 10/100Mbps; RJ45 connector
Operating temperature range 0°C to 40°C


1. Why do I need PerfectSignal?

Today's homes are better insulated due to the emergence of new European standards and building materials. However, these factors can lower the quality of reception inside your home because the waves struggle to pass through.



2. Is there a risk to my and my family's health of using PerfectSignal?

Today we are surrounded by waves of all kinds. The waves come from our microwave, our GSM, baby phones and more. These waves are regulated, notably by the WHO, which imposes maximum limits for each device.
Waves from your PerfectSignal box are about 100 times below the recommended thresholds defined by various agencies. As a comparison, waves emitted by your PerfectSignal box are lower than those from your WiFi or DECT phone.

3. Is it safe for my children to touch the PerfectSignal box?

Yes. Even if your children touch your PerfectSignal box, waves received at this level of contact remain well below the thresholds defined by various agencies.
If it is stored less than even one metre away, the waves will be insignificant compared to other waves in your environment. This means your children can happily play in the room where your box is installed.



4. What essentials do I need in order to use PerfectSignal?

To use PerfectSignal you need

  • A LuxFibre access
  • A 3G phone

You keep your existing POST mobile subscription with no changes necessary.

5. How do you install the PerfectSignal box?

Installing your box is very simple. Simply connect your PerfectSignal box to your modem, using the Internet cable. Then plug the adapter into your box and a working electrical outlet (we recommend that you do not connect your box to a power outlet controlled by a power switch.

6. How do I connect to PerfectSignal?

You don't need to do anything. Once you return home, you are automatically under PerfectSignal coverage. Your mobile will automatically use your box to make calls, surf the Internet, etc.

7. What kind of mobile use is supported?

With PerfectSignal you can use your mobile as usual. You can make phone calls, use your apps, send SMS/MMS, surf the web on 3G, etc. The process is completely invisible to you, with no special display appearing on your mobile.

8. Who can use PerfectSignal?

Anyone with a POST Mobile subscription or using roaming and within range of your PerfectSignal box can use it. Given the range of your box, it can only really be used within your home.

9. How many people can simultaneously use PerfectSignal?

Up to 8 people with a POST Mobile subscription or using roaming can connect simultaneously to your PerfectSignal box. Each 3G Internet connection, call or SMS/MMS sent is counted as a connection. If more than 8 people are in range within your home, they can alternately connect (up to 8 simultaneously).

10. Is my mobile compatible with this service?

To our knowledge there are no 3G mobiles which are not compatible with the PerfectSignal service.

11. Can I move my PerfectSignal box?

You can move your box around your home as you wish, though it must remain connected to your modem/router. If you move house or wish to use your box at a different address from time to time, you must notify POST and verify the new address. However, the box cannot be used outside the territory of Luxembourg.

12. How are my calls issued? Are they safe?

When you make a call it first passes through your box. The call is then redirected by our PerfectSignal platform to the central POST mobile network and then arrives at your destination. No information is stored locally on your box (calls, phone numbers, Internet data, etc.). Your calls are as secure as when you call from anywhere in Luxembourg.

13. If I cancel my POST contract, can I keep the PerfectSignal service?

The PerfectSignal coverage offer is reserved for customers with access to LuxFibre POST. Upon termination, you will no longer benefit from the optimised coverage provided by your PerfectSignal box.

14. What is the coverage of my PerfectSignal box?

In general, the coverage area radiates from your box a distance of 20 to 30 meters. This distance varies and may possibly be lower depending on the obstacles (partitions/walls, concrete layers) located inside your home. This range should allow you to enjoy the service at your home.

15. How does it work to switch between PerfectSignal and the external network?

When you leave your home while on a call, your phone switches seamlessly and without interruption between your mobile service and the external network.
However, there is no continuity of service once you are outside. If you are on a call when you get home, two scenarios are possible:

  • Before installing PerfectSignal you had little coverage: the call continues and your mobile will automatically switch to your PerfectSignal housing.
  • Before installing PerfectSignal you did not have coverage, in which case your call will be disconnected. You will need to call the person back or connect again.

16. Can I turn off my PerfectSignal box?

To enjoy your PerfectSignal, we recommend you do not turn your box off for the following reasons:

  • When you turn your box back on, you will have to wait until it is reset
  • You may miss calls

However, if desired you can of course unplug it when you are away for a while.

17. Can I use a Powerline to connect to PerfectSignal?

If your Fritz!Box is in an unusual spot, we recommend using the Powerline communication (PLC) to connect PerfectSignal in a central room of your home. This will allow you to enjoy the best possible coverage.


Prices and invoicing

18. How much does the PerfectSignal service cost?

The price of the PerfectSignal box is €99 incl.VAT. This price is subsidised, with POST supporting part of the equipment cost.
A €5 monthly subscription fee is also charged. This fee is the same regardless of the number of users who connect to your box.
If the coverage provided by PerfectSignal is not broad enough to cover your home, for example if your home is very large, you can sign up for a second PerfectSignal box under the same conditions as the first tariff.

19. How are my calls billed when they pass through PerfectSignal?

The cost of your communications is not invoiced through PerfectSignal. All your communications are invoiced exclusively through your mobile subscription, according to the terms of your subscription.
Consumption of data through PerfectSignal is not counted as part of your high-speed Internet subscription.
All data consumed by people using your PerfectSignal box will be invoiced back to their own mobile subscriptions, according to the terms of their subscription.

20. Is there a termination fee or for not returning the box?

When you subscribe to the PerfectSignal service you commit to a 24-month period. If you cancel your subscription before the end of 24 months you must pay a penalty to POST of €2 per month, for each month that remains.
In all cases, the box remains your property and can be reused later if you would like to resubscribe to the service.


I have a problem

21. I don't see whether I'm under PerfectSignal coverage

This is quite normal. Connecting your phone to your box is completely invisible. No special display appears on your mobile when you are under PerfectSignal coverage.

22. My call was disconnected when I got home.

When you are outside your home and you come within range of your PerfectSignal coverage, the call may be lost. Once you are inside your home you can renew your call.

23. The LED indicating the PerfectSignal box is connected to power is red whereas before it was green.

This problem may mean the temperature of your box is too high. Unplug it to let it cool and then reconnect it. At the same time, ensure your case is not too close to a heat source or exposed to direct sunlight. This can also occur when your box is in too small an enclosed space, limiting the flow of air.
If despite these precautions the LED remains red, you can return your hardware to a store for it to be reviewed and tested by one of our experts.

24. My PerfectSignal box has trouble connecting to the Internet (LED indicating the connection to the network is off).

You need to perform the following checks:

  • Use another device with Internet access to check your Internet connection is functioning.
  • Check your Internet configuration to make sure your Internet connection on this port is not blocked by a firewall or security rule.
  • Check that you have not tried to connect your box using a modem/wireless router or a shared Internet connection.
  • Make sure your Internet cable is properly connected to your modem and your box.

25. The LEDs all turn off momentarily.

This means that your box has performed an automatic reboot. This may be for instance due to an upgrade of the service performed by POST.

26. The Ethernet LED turns off after flashing.

If you use your box to send a large amount of information, this LED may turn off. If at the same time the LED for 3G service remains green, there is no problem.

27. The LED for the network connection is flashing.

This indicates the unit is in use and that data is being sent/received by your box.

28. The LED for 3G service is flashing green (either faster or slower).

This means that your PerfectSignal has no connection to the POST mobile network. We recommend you check your box connection.

  • This happens when you have just plugged in your box. Sometimes it may be necessary to wait up to 2 hours after connecting your box for it to become operational.
  • If the PerfectSignal box does not connect to the Internet, take your unit to a store.

29. The LED for 3G service is flashing (other than in cases mentioned above).

This can occur when POST performs maintenance on the service or if you have contacted POST and a support operation is underway. If the problem persists more than 2 hours, take your PerfectSignal box to a store.

30. I have no available port on my Fritz!Box.

To solve this problem, we recommend you connect an ethernet switch to your Fritz!Box so as to benefit from additional outlets. It is also possible to use a Powerline to resolve this problem.

31. I do not have a yellow port on my Fritz!Box.

This is because your Fritz!Box is an earlier version than that currently on market. PerfectSignal still works with this model; simply plug your box into the coloured plugs of your Fritz!Box.