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5G - Vitesse Internet

Internet speed

Various tests we’ve carried out show that the speed is faster than 1Gbit/s. That's up to 10 times faster than 4G.

5G - Performance


The massive connectivity. Anything can be connected and interconnected: smartphones, cars, everyday objects, security systems, medical devices, etc.

5G - Temps de réaction

Response time

The latency of the 5G network (delay between an action and response) will be less than 10 milliseconds.

5G - Expérience 5G

5G experience

5G will give way to new digital and electronic experiences in various fields.

As you would expect, POST is preparing for 5G

The reality

5G, yes! But what is it exactly?

POST Luxembourg - 5G - Projet 5G - La 5G, oui! Mais concrètement?

Expected in 2020, 5G (fifth generation of standards for mobile telephony) is already the whole rage. But what should we really expect?

5G can be summed up, essentially, in two words:

- Speed: an Internet speed faster than 1Gbit/s. Our connections will be up to 10 times faster.

- Latency: the response time for an action will be less than 10 milliseconds.

Together these two technological advantages will bring our society into the era of hyperconnectivity. 5G will be much more than an evolution of mobile Internet for smartphones. It will be the connectivity of the future, which will improve our everyday lives thanks to the mass connectivity of objects. Over time, cars will be autonomous and will reduce road accidents (V2V); medical follow-ups can be done remotely and your doctor will be alerted if necessary following automatic diagnoses (IoMT); manufacturing productivity will be much more precise and efficient; the transmission of information will be almost instantaneous; and it will be possible to connect all everyday household objects at a lower cost. Basically, the Internet of Everything will become part of our lives and will become indispensable, just as we have already seen with the car, TV and smartphone.

5G or the Digital Luxembourg programme

POST Luxembourg - 5G - Projet 5G - Programme Digital Luxembourg

The 5G technology deployment strategy is part of Luxembourg's digitisation programme. After focusing its efforts on the 4G fixed and mobile Internet network, Luxembourg's current aim is to be a leading digital player with 5G. The reasons are two-fold. On the one hand, the country must respond to the targets adopted by the EU Telecom Ministers. On the other hand, we respond to a growing need for speed due to new uses: 4K is becoming more widespread, streaming is becoming a norm and the number of eGamers is rising. All of these habits call for a higher network capacity and low latency. But 5G is so much more! For Luxembourg, this new stage of digitisation represents a major socio-economic step forward for both individuals and businesses. Citizen's quality of life will be improved with developments in many areas: transport, industry, security, health, the Internet of Things, etc. And the deployment of 5G will also increase the attractiveness of Luxembourg by affirming that it is a ground for innovation for setting up new businesses. To sum up, in Luxembourg, 5G will be the electronic communication infrastructure of the future.

Automated driving

POST Luxembourg - 5G - Projet 5G - Conduite Automatisée

Automated driving will reduce the number of road accidents by enhancing motorists' safety and comfort. Thanks to 5G technology inside the vehicle and external sensors, it is possible to share its data, not only with other vehicles but also with the surrounding infrastructure. The car will be able to react on its own and warn the motorist of dangers ahead. This will not only prevent collisions but also influence on the flow of traffic, reduce traffic jams and pollution caused by road transport. In the cross-border corridor that connects the cities of Metz (France), Merzig (Germany) and Luxembourg field tests are actually carried out in real time surroundings.

How long does it take to download a film?

The main advantage of 5G is the considerable increase in the Internet speed, up to several gigabits per second.
But how exactly would this affect our daily life?

Film: Guardians of the Galaxy - 750MB

POST Luxembourg - 3G - Projet 5G


The time it would take you to get a flight from Paris to Las Vegas, including check-in time

POST Luxembourg - 4G - Projet 5G


The time it would take you to take a coffee

POST Luxembourg - 5G - Projet 5G


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POST Luxembourg - 5G - Flashback
POST Luxembourg - 5G - Flashback

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