CCP Mobile

Are you regularly on the internet and on your mobile? So is your bank account.

Our new CCP Mobile app lets you manage your accounts when and where you want, from your smartphone or tablet.

Your advantages

Everyday management of your CCP account has never been this easy, quick and practical!

  • Get access to your CCP account in the blink of an eye;
  • CCP Mobile is very easy to use and available in 4 languages: Luxembourgish, French, German and English;
  • Surf in a secure environment.

With CCP Mobile, you can take your bank everywhere you go.

CCP Mobile lets you:

  • verify the balance on your accounts,
  • make payments,
  • go through your last transactions,
  • consult the balance on, as well as credit and debit your pre-paid Easy Visa card.

How to use CCP Mobile:

To use CCP Mobile, you need:

  • Access to CCP Connect,
  • A smartphone/iPhone or tablet/iPad,
  • The app which you can download from AppStore with your iPhone or PlayStore with your Android smartphone.