Unlimited content to like with Streaming&Social

Your mobile plans’ data volumes and 5G speeds are increasing. It is automatic and the price is not changing!

SCOUBIDO offer evolutions

  • Mobile Internet: 5GB instead of 4GB

  • Mobile Internet: 10GB instead of 7GB

  • Mobile Internet: 20GB au lieu de 15GB
  • 5G Speed: 500Mbit/s instead of 225Mbit/s

  • Mobile Internet: 40GB au lieu de 30GB
  • 5G Speed: 500Mbit/s instead of 225Mbit/s
  • Streaming&Social: unlimited instead of 20GB

  • Mobile Internet: 50GB au lieu de 35GB
  • 5G Speed: 1Gbit/s instead of 500Mbit/s
  • Calls / SMS: EU USA Canada unlimited instead of LU and EU unlimited

  • Mobile Internet: 60GB EU USA Canada instead of 45GB EU and USA
  • Mobile Internet: 1GB outside Europe (zone 2) instead of 1GB Canada and China

5G POWER offer evolutions


  • Internet : 25GB instead of 20GB
  • 5G Speed : 1Gbit/s instead of 500Mbit/s


  • Internet : 60GB instead of 50GB
  • 5G Speed : 1Gbit/s instead of 750Mbit/s

BASIC+ offer evolutions

  • Calls / SMS : 200 units instead of 100 units
  • Internet : 2GB instead of 1GB

The evolutions in video

Enjoy, in detail and on video, the changes to your favourite mobile offers.

* On 1 November 2021, data volumes are increasing for the SCOUBIDO (XS to MAXI), 5G POWER (25GB and 60GB) and BASIC+ mobile plans. The 5G speeds of the SCOUBIDO (M to XL) and 5G POWER (25GB and 60GB) plans are increasing too. But the monthly charge for these plans is not changing. More information at