Choose greater security!

Assurance+ is a top-up insurance solution covering the loss and damage of your registered items and parcels.

  • Applicable to registered postal items and XL and XXL postal items
  • Not applicable for "declared value" items
  • Some items are not covered by Assurance+

Our solution

In addition to the compensation already included in the carriage price for your postal item, Assurance+ enables you to choose additional insurance according to the contents of your postal item.

To take advantage of the security provided by Assurance+ you simply need to add one, two or three self-adhesive stamps completed and signed beforehand on your proof of posting (receipt or delivery sheet) which will be checked and approved by our staff.

  • 1 Assurance+ stamp: up to €1,250 of additional cover
  • 2 Assurance+ stamps: up to €2,500 of additional cover
  • 3 Assurance+ stamps: up to €3,750 of additional cover

Your benefits

  • Ease-of-use – Assurance+ is based on "bands" taking the form of stamps
  • Security – Compensation will be paid to you if your item is lost and damaged
  • Guarantee – Service offered in cooperation with a national insurance company

Sending an item with "Assurance+"

To send an item with the "Assurance+" option, simply visit your post office.