Franking solutions

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Frankieren mit gewöhnlichen Briefmarken ist die geläufigste und meistgenutzte Frankierart. Die Briefmarken werden einzeln, als Blatt oder als Rolle verkauft.

Es bestehen verschiedene Möglichkeiten sich die Briefmarken zu besorgen:


Online stamps

Prepare and print your stamps on your own printer, they will be immediately available.

Print stamps


The online shop where to order the current stamp ranges as well as the stamp collections.

Buy stamps


Having personalised stamps is possible. Create your own stamps to give your mails a personal touch. We print your stamps and send them to you as soon as they are ready.

Create stamps

In shops


Save time by using our self-service stamp machines. These are available in some shops, so don’t hesitate to use them and so avoid queuing up.

Find a SelfPost

POST office counter

Stamps are available in all POST offices. Just ask at the counter.

Find a POST office

POST franking service

Getting your large number of mails, franked by your POST office, can save you a lot of work and time. Service subject to VAT at 17%. Price incl. tax per 1,000 or batch of 1,000 items:

  • 2,10 € for XS mails
  • 3,50 € for mails of other categories
  • 10,20 € Bordereau-Tax per POST deposit
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Autres services

Franking machine

Flexible and easy solution for all types of mail. To obtain a franking machine, contact a supplier approved by POST Luxembourg. They will take care of all the formalities for you.

Comfort package

The ideal solution for franking. You no longer need to spend time weighing, sorting according to the format and franking. We take care of everything for you. Services available on a contractual basis.

Postage paid

Using a "postage paid" stamp is a customised and advantageous solution, specially adapted for mail volumes of more than 200 per dispatch. It may be affixed on all types of envelopes and can be used for all destinations, moreover it offers preferential conditions. Services available on a contractual basis.