Hotspot WIFI

Let customers, staff and visitors go online via your own hotspot in your building

Increase the satisfaction of your customers, staff and visitors by giving them online access via your own Wifi network

  • go online with WIFI
  • provide your visiting customers with an added service
  • enjoy a quality service


Our specialists will work on the best customised offer to suit your needs, and finalise a quote based on that deal. Make an appointment for our specialists to visit you, so you can relax and choose the right formula for you. Make an appointment for one of our specialists to visit you, just call us free on 8002 4000.


Votre accès WIFI

Your visitors and staff will appreciate your innovative approach.

You can offer an added service to your customers, who'll appreciate being able to surf the net while waiting.

You can increase your staff's productivity and make communication easier for everyone.

Hotspots are particularly well suited for hotel bars and lounges, conference centres, universities, student cafés, exhibition complexes, restaurants, service stations, trendy cafés, waiting rooms in car garages, doctors, medical centres and many other places.

Our solution

With our solution you can offer your customers an invaluable service by setting up your Wifi access on your premises.

An essential service for your customers and a turnkey solution for you

You buy a ready-made solution: we take care of everything from installing your Wifi access, to maintaining it, to all the updates needed to keep your network up and running. Our specialists will advise you on the best possible coverage to suit to your needs.

You can choose to offer Wifi to your visitors for free or charge them to access your hotspot by selling them scratchcards. This will give you an extra source of income.

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