The outstanding messaging tool, for communicating in a fully shared environment based on Microsoft Exchange

Choose the outstanding messaging tool, hosted in our datacenters located in Luxembourg and completely managed by POST.

  • Unified communications improve the quality of your collaboration
  • Simplicity and reliability
  • Flexibility enabling constant evolution

Our solution

Email Management

You can take advantage of Exchange power to manage your emails. You have 10GB at your disposal to store your mails. You can use your own domain name for your company (ex : for all your emails related to your business.

Calendar Sharing

You can get better organized by using shared calendars between colleagues. At a glance you can find a date suitable for all your coworkers to plan the next service meeting or organize an appointment with a customer.

Resource Management

To manage your material resources such as meeting rooms or shared company cars, you can create shared calendars.


On top of your standard mailbox, you can subscribe to a special mailbox with 25GB of storage for online archiving purpose. The items stored in this archive are accessible online through the Outlook client and Outlook Web App.


All your sensitive and confidential communications are protected according to public rules. You also benefit from antispam and antivirus protection.


By default all your data are backed up every day and kept for 7 days. You can also subscribe to additional backup offers with one-month data retention or more according to the subscribed options.


You benefit from a professional support Monday through Friday from 8am till 6pm with the standard SLA included in the basic service price. You can also subscribe to extended support hours if you need it.

Office 2016 Compatibility

BusinessMail is completely compatible with Microsoft Office 2016 (the license is not included in the BusinessMail subscription).


You can acess your emails everywhere, via Outlook, Outlook Web App or Active Sync. BusinessMail is accessible from a PC, a tablet, a smartphone. Mail Syncronisation on your phone works as well on Android and Blackberry as on Apple and Windows systems.





  • availability, simplicity and reliability

  • Flexibility

  • Constant evolution

  • Easy to use

  • Increased productivity of users





Our BusinessMail service integrates easily with other CloudBizz products.

You can easily move on your complete IT to a 100% Cloud-based model whether it be virtual desktops (CloudWorkplace), virtual servers (CloudServer), securing your mobile devices fleet (CloudMobility Management), the creation of collaboration and document management environemnet hosted on SharePoint (BusinessCollaboration) or else real time communication with Skype for Business (BusinessCommunication). We have a solution for all your needs.