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Remondis improves its communications and processes with ConnectedOffice

Taking advantage of its move into brand new facilities in Foetz, the waste collection, conversion and disposal specialist opted for POST’s fixed-mobile convergence solution. This creates efficiency gains while gua - ranteeing optimum communications.

An international group with some 30,000 employees around the world, Remondis is a key player in waste management in Luxembourg. The company, which employs around 40 people locally, settled into its new home in Foetz in 2021. With this new infrastructure, Remondis collects, sorts, treats, recycles and disposes of waste collected from numerous businesses and organisations operating in Luxembourg. “Every organisation in Luxembourg is a potential customer for us”, says Dirk Knäpper, CEO of Remondis in Luxembourg. “We can handle a wide range of waste, including contaminated soil for the construction industry, and confidential documents that public institutions and private enterprises ask us to destroy. We also handle a range of industrial waste, as well as organic waste from catering.” In this regard, Remondis offers an array of solutions aimed at facilitating waste management by private and public bodies throughout the country, from providing containers to collecting waste and processing it alongside a host of partners.

Guaranteeing optimum communications

To support our customers and provide an effective response to each situation, Remondis needs to rely on quality means of communication. “When we moved into our new premises, we changed telecom system and adopted new means of communication to improve contact across the company”, Dirk explains. Maintaining a close relationship with POST for many years, the company wanted to modernise its telephone system by using the historic operator’s ConnectedOffice solution. Remondis now uses a telephone switchboard hosted and managed from the POST Cloud. “Good communications are essential for business to run smoothly. In particular, our drivers must be able to reach the right person at any time,” Dirk continues. When they’re out collecting, for example, they have to check that the waste is appropriate before picking it up. Once we’ve taken it, it’s our responsibility. If in doubt, drivers must be able to quickly check what has been agreed with the client. ”

Landlines have disappeared

With the adoption of ConnectedOffice, Remondis has issued every employee with a mobile phone. Landlines have therefore disappeared from offices. Fixed-mobile convergence raises the possibility of contacting someone on their mobile using a single number, dialling the extension assigned to each employee. “Out in the field, it’s very easy for drivers to call the sales department, take a photo and send it to a sales representative for analysis. This makes communications much easier”, says Dirk. “With this solution, we have been able to improve our work processes, make efficiency gains, and reduce the risks associated with mistakes.” The solution facilitates home office working whenever this is required, as was the case during the pandemic. POST has also introduced a network of Wi-Fi antennas across the new site to ensure maximum coverage. Robust, dedicated connectivity In addition to the ConnectedOffice solution, Remondis has signed up to a special internet connection through POST’s Direct Internet Access. “We are connected to fibre optic, with a dedicated line, which guarantees we will always have sufficient bandwidth,” the CEO explains. “When we moved, POST was a big help in speeding up the installation, allowing us to be operational more quickly. ” As Dirk sees it, the solutions have several advantages. They give the company access to higher performance means of telecommunication, without having to worry about technical management of infrastructure, which is now handled by POST teams. “This robust system ensures an optimal experience during our regular videoconference calls with other group entities, sparing us from long journeys that were sometimes just for a meeting. All in all, we are saving time and being more efficient. People’s working conditions have also been greatly improved. ’

New possibilities

The solidity of the system also raises the possibility of pursuing other digital transformation projects. Mobility and data processing are important areas in this sector that Remondis is currently exploring. “We might consider the possibility of having smart containers, so that we can monitor how full they are and decide when best to empty them,” Dirk explains. “This avoids unnecessary journeys and streamlines our travel, reducing costs as well as our environmental footprint.

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