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Digital technology allows Carbon to gain flexibility


Carbon is a trailblazer in the provision of individual transport for people with reduced mobility in Luxembourg. Georges Carbon, whose ancestors were entrepreneurs in the transport sector, became interested in the issue of the mobility for disabled people in 2004. In 2007, he founded Carbon Sàrl with a view to implementing in Luxembourg the EU directive on the right to mobility.

“The current regulations require that every disabled person must be able to access a mobility solution, on the same basis as other citizens,” commented Georges Carbon, founder and managing director of Carbon. “To meet this requirement, we have therefore created a service offering solutions to meet the specific needs of people with reduced mobility and provide them with the best possible support.”

With a team of 35 employees, Carbon is currently one of the main operators of the Adapto network (formerly known as Novabus) in Luxembourg. In addition to this, the Carbon group has also developed services for the tourism industry, offering the public the opportunity to explore Luxembourg aboard period “Oldtimerbus” coaches.

The challenge to be met

Carbon is constantly seeking to improve the quality of its service. “In particular, this involves training our teams. We recruit job seekers, to whom we offer training to ensure we offer a high-quality service that suits the needs of our customers, following a philosophy of social and environmental responsibility,” Georges Carbon noted. Moreover, Carbon has carried the ESR label since 2016. “Integrating digital tools is another important challenge for the development of our business.

Most of our team is on the road, with some employees in the office or working from home. In addition, it is essential for us to ensure that our services are permanently accessible. We must be able to reach our employees at any time and everyone must be able to access up-to-date information wherever they are, such as if a new request arrives, if the route has to be changed, or if an emergency arises,” Georges Carbon explained.

The benefits of the ConnectedOffice solution

In order to meet these needs and be able to rely on the latest digital tools, Carbon turned to POST and opted for its ConnectedOffice solution. “Now every employee has a single number. This means that everyone can be reached at any time, on their landline in the office, or on their mobile if they are working from home or on the road,” the MD continued. We have purchased new landlines and 40 SAMSUNG Galaxy S10s from POST, enabling us to assign one to each team member.

Staff responsible for coordination and administrative aspects also have their own laptop, so that they can work both from the office and from home. Integrated landline, mobile and internet connectivity services, including access to a switchboard and cloud-based applications, keep us permanently connected. Everyone, wherever they are, can make or take calls and access all the information they need to ensure the best possible service.” The Carbon group, which already used teleworking, was easily able to maintain its service during the health crisis thanks to these tools.

The Bottom Line

POST’s ConnectedOffice solution supports Carbon in the smooth running of its business and allows it to meet its’ service users expectations more easily. Equipped with a robust solution, the company can now more comfortably plan for new developments.

“Currently, our ambition is to advance even further, primarily as a result of better integration of the possibilities offered by digital technology, such as geolocation systems and the analysis of data on each vehicle’s mileage, driving pattern and consumption,” stated Georges Carbon. “Because of these tools and with the help of POST’s connectivity solutions, we can gain efficiency, reduce our operational and maintenance costs, and offer more flexibility to the members of our team.”

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