POST’s experts lend their expertise to Luxembourg’s IT community and decision-makers in the sector who must constantly adapt their strategies in light of technological developments.
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Abigail Chaudier

Product Marketer B2B

After obtaining my Master's degree in Marketing at NEOMA Business School, I spent a year abroad. Back in Luxembourg, I joined POST Telecom in December 2023 as a B2B Product Marketer.

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Béatrice Seiwert

Product Marketer

To remain competitive, SMEs also need to engage in the digital transformation of their business. One of our aims at POST Telecom is to make the possibilities offered by technology available to these small and medium-sized organisations.

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Daniel Santos

Product Marketer

I have been working in the POST Telecom team for almost a year now as SoHo/SMB ESM (Ecosystem Manager), analysing the small and medium-sized business market in Luxembourg in order to develop a synergy between the products that POST offers and the real needs of the market.

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