Laurent Turmes

Head of Enterprise Sales Department

Laurent Turmes

Head of Enterprise Sales Department

As responsible for the sales département for Post Telecom Luxembourg, I am permanently in contact with customers around the globe, in particular for their IoT connectivity needs.

The specificity and the diversity of the use cases have provided me with a deep insight of the challenges and needs of an IoT deployment. I am always fascinated by the innovation with which our customers are engaging in new technologies and explore new markets. Being part of the solution for these partners is a key driver for me.

By extending all the capabilities of Post Telecom Luxembourg M2M connectivity to these new initiatives, I help driving the innovation and contribute to the connected infrastructure of tomorrow.

In tomorrow’s world with the Internet of Everything (IoE) where billions of objects with sensors collect and transmit their data, there will be a smarter way to conduct our processes, potentially reducing waste in the value chain, increase dramatically the efficiency and reduce carbon footprint as a consequence.

Articles written by Laurent Turmes

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09 June 2022

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