Thomas Profeta

CyberDefense Analyst SOC

Thomas Profeta

CyberDefense Analyst SOC

I started my career at EBRC’s SOC in 2016 before joining POST’s SOC when the Cyberforce department was set up in 2019. I have a Master’s degree in Information Systems Security.
Throughout my education, cybersecurity always interested me, especially the technical side. I’m just as interested in the defensive aspect (Blue Team) as the offensive aspect (Red Team).

I think it’s essential to have a foot in each camp, to get an overview and improve understanding of attack scenarios from end to end.
To test my skills, I have taken on different cybersecurity challenges on sites like I have also attended a number of SANS courses to gain more knowledge and learn new methods, to be more efficient in my work and develop new ideas about improving customer security.

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With any cyber threat, a rapid response is essential. The use of an orchestrator at the SOC, based on the automation possibilities offered, makes it easier to monitor alerts and take quicker decisions when facing a cyber risk.

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01 January 1970

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