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Reduce the energy consumption of your network infrastructure with ConnectedOffice

14 November 2023

Many modern businesses depend on the intensive use of digital tools and infrastructure. These days, it’s rare to see an employee without a laptop or other connected device to carry out their day-to-day tasks. To ensure these digital tools are used responsibly, setting up a telecommunications network is essential.
In this article, we give you some tips on how to better manage the energy consumption of your ConnectedOffice system.
ConnectedOffice combines telecoms and ICT services. It comes in a range of bundles to match the Internet needs of business customers.
The table below indicates the speeds required according to customer usage habits:


Required speed

Audio call

0.3 Mbps

Sending an e-mail

0.8 Mbps

Browsing the Internet

1 Mbps

Opening a standard web page

1 Mbps


2 Mbps

Streaming music

2 Mbps

Low-definition video streaming

3 Mbps

Watching a standard video

3 to 4 Mbps

1080p HD video streaming

5 Mbps

4k HD video streaming

25 Mbps

Downloading large files

50 Mbps or more

                                                                                                       (Mbps = Megabits per second)

This section clearly illustrates the need for bandwidth tailored to your usage. This will help you choose the right ConnectedOffice package for you:



  • Minimum required for working and browsing the Internet
  • Option for companies with network issues that require Internet browsing and good telephony
  • Limited download speed


  • Fast, seamless connection
  • Good balance between Internet and telephony. Useful for companies with users working in the cloud or remotely
  • A speed that enables real-time data collection, storage, HD videoconferencing, etc.


  • Very fast connection for advanced Internet needs
  • Best option for companies with many users working in the cloud or remotely
  • A connection speed that enables real-time data collection, storage, HD videoconferencing, etc.


  • Ultra-high-speed, high-performance connection
  • Best option for companies operating in an Internet-dependent sector
  • A connection speed that enables the collection of a lot of data in real time, storage, HD videoconferencing and server synchronisation


  • Ultra-high-speed, seamless connection
  • Ideal for businesses with a large number of telephony users requiring excellent connectivity
  • A connection speed that allows for large data volumes to be managed in real time, storage, HD videoconferencing and server synchronisation


As the data economy grows, so does the demand for higher network speeds. The telecommunications networks needed to meet this demand necessarily consume a greater amount of energy than existing network components. As a result, this network evolution is leading to an increase in the carbon footprint of systems and data centres.
However, these emissions must be halved to achieve the net zero target by 2030. Therefore, to have a positive impact on efforts to mitigate climate change, controlling and reducing the energy consumption of telecommunications networks is essential and can no longer be neglected.
Our ConnectedOffice package includes an energy-saving measure.
Making an effort to save energy is the first step towards energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of your establishment’s network infrastructure. 
Did you know that with proper planning and implementation, the energy consumption of your systems can be easily controlled and therefore reduced?


Reduce your energy consumption with LAN switches

Most buildings do not operate 24 hours a day, as they are generally closed at night. However, the appliances on the network are typically not switched off during this period, resulting in a significant waste of energy. The same applies at weekends, when offices and other buildings are not in use.

Did you know that measures as simple as switching off a large number of your network devices during this period can reduce your energy bill?

ConnectedOffice gives you the ability to technically automate the deactivation and reactivation of switch ports during a certain time period. This operation will therefore disable Wi-Fi and all equipment connected to the LAN switch. The equipment will then be reactivated as and when required, according to the set time slot. This step is recommended when the network is not in use.

Requests are made via POST Telecom’s 8002 4000 number, which is accessible 24 hours a day.

Important! Not all network devices are the same: not all the devices in your network infrastructure can be switched off when not in use. For example, you can turn off the building’s Wi-Fi routers when nobody is in the building, but you can’t turn off the servers that process the data and connect to the cloud infrastructure. Take proactive measures and decide for yourself which appliances can be switched off without any consequences.


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