Focusing on requirements to deliver the best IoT connectivity solution

New applications that rely on connected objects are springing up all the time. One of the key questions for companies rolling out solutions or services involving data transmission from mobile data terminals is how to optimise connectivity costs. In this regard, the best starting point when choosing a pricing plan is the requirements of the application itself. As well as the volume of data available initially in the SIM cards embedded within connected objects, it’s worth considering a number of other factors.

Mobility, coverage, volume and more

One key matter is whether or not the object in question moves around. Do the connected objects remain within a clearly defined area (such as a town), or do they need to cross borders and continents? The bandwidth required for data transmission is another point to consider. Should data reach the operator in real time? Can transmission be delayed with no consequences? As a supplier of connectivity solutions relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine2Machine (M2M), POST has developed plans to meet common needs encountered by companies offering services that rely on connected objects. We start with the actual requirements of each solution in order to advise our customers on the best pricing plan and help them find a solution tailored to their needs.

A product to meet every need

Our range of IoT connectivity solutions is built around products that respond to specific needs. They differ from one another in terms of bandwidth, the number of areas covered and the options on offer. The Lite plan, for example, meets very specific needs. By way of illustration, these could relate to the rollout and management of a network of water, gas or electricity meters at national level. With this connectivity solution, users can have items such as usage summaries transmitted from static hardware located within a defined area without having to opt for a high-speed service.

From the basic service...

Often, however, IoT solutions involve mobile data terminals, which can be deployed or circulate within areas of varying sizes. POST has designed two other plans to meet the needs associated with such applications. The Essential plan covers three areas and the use of Voice and SMS, as well as guaranteeing optimal bandwidth cutting-edge features

The Essential plan offers access to certain more advanced features, such as localisation of connected SIM cards and the option to set up alerts when users surpass set data volume limits. A plan of this kind meets complex needs, such as those associated with rolling out payment terminals, smart vending applications and digital signage solutions. These services require data to be transmitted in far greater volumes than services involving gas or water meters, as well as distributed rollout across multiple countries.

Combining functionality and volume

The difference between the Advantage plan and the Essential plan is that the former offers unlimited coverage and access to advanced analytical and automation functions, allowing for optimal monitoring and management of costs. This plan is aimed at players with even more complex needs. These could include, for example, organisations in the logistics sector, with a global footprint, such as airlines specialising in freight, car makers and suppliers of automotive solutions. We also work with retailers of IoT connectivity services across very wide areas, who can use a service of this kind to offer their customers worldwide coverage coupled with a high degree of flexibility as regards rolling out SIM cards in various countries.

Starting with the Essential plan, and with a view to optimising costs, a key aim is to assess actual needs in terms of the volume of data exchanged. Packages can then be offered based on usage per SIM card or across the fleet as a whole

Flexible solutions

Depending on the functionality and data volume required, our teams are here to help our customers accurately assess their needs and tailor the service level accordingly. Each customer can rely on a dedicated and highly responsive team when tailoring its packages. This flexibility guarantees that the customer receives the best possible service and optimal connectivity at all times.

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