The right choice for your IoT needs

02 mars 2023

Rejoignez-nous pour notre webinar spécial connectivité IoT.

The right choice for your IoT needs. 

Do you intend to launch an IoT project? 

  • Your devices are static and have a low and non-critical consumption?
  • Your devices have bilateral interactions and a medium consumption?
  • You have a large fleet to manage with high data & voice consumption?

No matter the use case, our experts will give you advice to find the solution that best fits your business needs.


  • Julio Pinho, Head of IoT Connectivity, POST Telecom
  • Mark Toner, Mobile IoT Specialist, Cisco
  • Goran Jokic, Telco Services Development Manager, POST Technologies

Date et heure

Jeudi, 02 mars 2023
Début à 11:00
Jusqu'à 12:00